Full of fiber and low in calories, pulses or dals are the most important part of Indian meals. The nutritional pulses are very easy to cook, enormously healthy, and super versatile. Be it North India or South, East or West, you can find a wide range of pulses used in daily meals. In recent times, a lot of focus has been on shifting to healthier alternates and unpolished dal has gained a lot of customer’s confidence. Being the most important source of protein in India (as many people are vegetarians), you can get unpolished pulses online. You can visit an online grocery store and check out the wide range of variety available.

Polished vs unpolished dal
If you have been doing your grocery shopping, you can find a wide range of pulses. You can explore products and find some with a shiny smooth surface while others with a rough luster. Unfortunately, people tend to buy the shining dal without knowing that it is inferior in terms of the health benefits that the unpolished one offers. The pulses undergo multiple processes of polishing that involves processing with water, oil, marble powder, and leather.

Reasons to use unpolished dal in your daily diet

  1. Improvised taste: Once the outer surface of the dal is polished, it becomes inferior to the unpolished dal in taste.
  2. Save on fuel: Polished dal takes a long time to cook, while the unpolished ones can save your time as well as fuel in a long run.
  3. Not harmful: Unpolished dals are not harmful to our health. The polishing agents can be harmful as oil coating adds additional fat to the food. Moreover, the water used to come from an unreliable source and might leave marble or soapstone powder on the dal which are undoubtedly harmful to our intestine.
  4. Loss of various nutrients and fibers: Pulses are known to have a wide range of nutritional value. They are packed with protein, polyphenols, and soluble fiber. Through the polishing process, pulses tend to lose a lot of nutrients and fibers. So, the polished dal is not only harmful but also less nutritious.
  5. No re-polishing: When the polished dal is not sold for a long time, old stocks are usually sent back for repolishing and then they are resold. The repolished dal can be dangerous for health.

Dals are under-rated and under-valued, but they offer a wide range of health benefits to the people. You need to be prudent and select unpolished dals online and steer clear of the smooth and shiny variety. Unpolished dal is superior to polished dal in taste, nutrient content as well as fuel consumption. As pulses are packed with vitamin C, vitamin B6, iron, folate, and zinc, it is ideal to leave the pulses that way and gain all the benefits. It can keep you feeling fuller and are a blessing for weight watchers.

When buying dal ensure that you select organically grown and unpolished dals which are available online these days. Order online and enjoy the benefits of the best and unpolished pulses.


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