Teaching is a noble profession, one that holds the ability to inspire and encourage minds to be innovative, hands to create, and each one to grow into being a better version of themselves. Like Joyce Meyer rightly said, “teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges.” 

Undeniably, teachers have a great impact on their students, especially considering how the students spend a majority of their time in school with teachers. Hence, it’s important that any aspiring teacher chooses the said profession for the right reasons.

Here are 5 reasons why someone would take teaching as a career:

Inspire and Innovate 

You get a chance to impact and inspire students on an everyday basis with your skills, ability, and dedication. And the opportunity to profoundly make a difference and shape the next generation is unparalleled, making you feel valued and significant each day. 

No two days are the same!

Being surrounded by an environment where you meet enthusiastic children/ youth each day, there is no way you will have a dull moment. Every day you would deal with something new and different. You can meet new people, with different personalities and ideologies, which would also help you see things in a newer light. Every day would surely be a new adventure, with new questions and unique counterpoints.

You can be creative 

If you aren’t creative with your teaching style, your students will easily lose their focus in your class. Thus, this is an ideal career for all you creative souls out there. This profession needs you, while for you too, it’s a perfect outlet for creativity. As in both offline and online classes, you can add unique factors to capture and retain the attention of your students.

Learn and Earn 

This is one such profession where you can continue to learn even when you are working. For each day, in each class, with each student’s doubts or perceptions, you learn something new! And personally, we think that’s one of the most rewarding things ever. 

And let’s not forget that you can always keep taking online classes too in your free time to upskill yourself. For there’s no end to learning!

Work Satisfaction 

Isn’t that one of the most important factors? Each one wants to be satisfied with whatever they choose to do. And the satisfaction of contributing to your society, and the respect that the profession gets is truly unmatched. The feeling that you have the chance to change the future is unarguably the highest form of job satisfaction one can receive.    


Each one of us still has a lot more to learn, regardless of which phase of life we are in, or what we do for a living. There is always potential for growth and we must all embrace it and work on the same.  

As for teachers, in today’s seemingly digital world we see that learning also is slowly taking a shift towards e-platforms. Hence, working on getting better with technology is one thing that our teachers need to learn. And another thing that we would suggest for all you teachers is to get yourself a good online teaching app, such that your transition from offline to online becomes a smooth one.  


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