Universities abroad have noticed a constant rise in the number of Indian students as more and more students decide to get an international degree. Studying abroad is a dream for many, and there are the best overseas education consultants who lend their hand to help you fulfill this dream. Studying abroad in top countries is the best way to upgrade your skills and add academic value to a resume. Choosing the degree course and country to pursue the degree is not easy for Indian students. There are various best countries to study abroad for Indian students.

7 best countries to study abroad for Indian students

Studying abroad at top universities is a dream for many that prepare students for upcoming challenges in their careers. Students choose to study in USA, UK, and many other top countries to get a world-class education and be guided by the best mentors. There are many countries that are best to pursue degree courses for Indian students. Let us discuss them below to help you out:

USA – The United States of America

The USA is at the top when it comes to the maximum inflow of international students. Every student wishes to study in USA, because of its excellent academic ecosystem with highly ranked ad respected universities. The USA offers a blend of quality education, culture, and opportunities. It is the most popular international study-abroad destination among Indian students, as students can stay here and work for 12 months after completing their studies. India has the largest beneficiaries of H1B visas, as Indians issue more than 60 percent of these visas.

UK – The United Kingdom

British universities are known for their excellence. Students choose to study in UK because it offers various educational courses and specializations with industry demand. The UK is home to several world’s oldest universities and colleges, and owing to its strong legacy, education here has become a benchmark for other countries. Students choose to come to the UK as the courses in the UK education system are shorter. Also, it offers international students to have access to free medical treatment while studying through NHS.


Germany is another best country to study abroad for Indian students. The reasons are affordability, golden career scope, and exposure to various cultures. Public universities here do not charge tuition fees, even for international students. The cost of study here is very much affordable.


Australia has relaxed its visa requirements for students who wish to pursue higher education at top universities. The country is the third most popular hub as many students get attracted to study here owing to the quality of education and job opportunities. International students can work for about 20 hours a week part-time to manage their living costs.


Canada is another best and most preferred study destination among Indian students to study. Canada’s education and work policies favor international students; thus, they come here to pursue various courses. The country has high-ranked universities, internationally recognized degrees, and good prospects.


Spain is a country that offers internationally recognized degrees to students at its excellent academic institutes. Students contact the best overseas education consultants to help them enroll in top universities, as the tuition fees for universities are the lowest in Spain. Students can work part-time for 20 hours per week.


Italy is one of the top destinations for Indian students and is the most accessible and affordable study-abroad option. Italy has low tuition fees and living costs compared to many other countries. The country has many best universities, like the University of Pavia well known for quality education.

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