An exciting chance for students to extend their outlook and earn useful academic experience is studying abroad. Unfortunately, the procedure for applying to universities abroad can be difficult and stressful. To help students who want to study abroad, education consultancies step in to offer advice and support. Global Learning Service distinguishes itself as the best consultancy in Guntur for students interested in studying in the United States. Many students have been assisted by Global Learning Service in realizing their ambition of attending college in the USA

Services offered by Global Learning Service

Admission Advice

Admission counseling is one of the main services offered by Global Learning Service. A group of experts with experience in the admissions procedures of numerous American colleges makes up the firm. They offer advice to students on choosing institutions based on their academic background, interests, and long-term objectives. They also offer details about each university’s admission standards, application dates, and required paperwork.

Visa Assistance

One of the most important steps in the study abroad process is getting a student visa, which may be a challenging and drawn-out process. Students receive step-by-step direction and help from the consultancy’s knowledgeable visa advisors during the full visa application procedure. The visa support service offered by Global Learning Service comprises advising students on the necessary paperwork and application procedures and assisting them with filling out the visa application form. Also, they give sample interviews, relevant advice, and mock interview sessions to assist students in getting ready for their visa interviews.

Test Preparation

With the aid of test preparation services from study abroad consultants in Guntur, students may get the grades they want on exams like the GRE, GMAT, and TOEFL. Universities in the USA frequently demand these exams as a requirement for admission, and getting a strong score can considerably increase a student’s chances of acceptance. With the aid of Global Learning Service’ test preparation services, students can increase their chances of being admitted to the US universities of their choice by scoring well on standardized examinations.

Financial Assistance

Helping students find scholarships, grants, and other types of financial aid to support their tuition costs and living expenses is one of the financial assistance services offered. The knowledgeable advisers at the consultancy inform students about the many financial aid alternatives that are open to them and guide them through the application procedure. They also offer suggestions for setting up a budget and handling money while studying abroad.

Pre-departure Training

Students are given information on American cultural, social, and academic norms as part of pre-departure training services. Students receive instruction from the consultancy’s skilled trainers on how to adjust to a new environment, deal with cultural differences, and get ready for academic achievement. Also, they offer advice on important travel preparations including packing, making reservations, and purchasing health insurance.

Global Learning Service is the best consultancy in Guntur for USA education due to experienced consultants who offer personalized guidance, and comprehensive services including test preparation, financial assistance, and pre-departure training. They prioritize customer satisfaction and have a high success rate in placing students in top US universities.

Conclusion: In conclusion, students looking to study in the USA might consider Global Learning Service in Guntur. They are a leading consultancy in the area thanks to their skilled consultants, extensive services, emphasis on customer service, and high success record in placing students in prestigious US universities. Students who select Global Learning Service can feel secure knowing they will get individualized counseling and assistance throughout the study abroad process, assisting them in achieving their academic objectives and making the most of their study abroad experience.


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