There are lots of students form all over the world who wants to pass the ACCA Exam, and for this aim, they are doing their best. But still some of them fail to pass the ACCA exam because they are unaware of prime tips related to the ACCA examination. There are numerous tips available online that can confuse you. That’s why, in this article, we have delivered some simple and very easy solution that can surely help you in ACCA examination preparation.

In below paragraphs, you will find some simple and amazing tips which will help you in preparing for the ACCA Exam:

 1. Syllabus

If you are preparing for any examination, then you must know the complete syllabus of that examination. The examination syllabus is a very necessary and is the basic thing of any examination process. After having full knowledge about the curriculum, break the whole examination syllabus into small topics.

These small topic will help you to learn the whole exam syllabus in an easy manner, and if you are successfully able to learn those topics, then the major work of the study is completed, after that make small notes of those topics.

 2. Examiner’s approach

In this section, the examiner will ask some questions to students, for reference, you can visit the site of ACCA where you will get lots of questions and answers to the interview section. The “examiner’s approach interview”, is already available on the website, you can visit and try to understand how you will complete your examination in minimum time.

There are lots of guidance available that can help you in the ACCA examination. In the ACCA exam, you have to complete 50 questions, and on the website of the ACCA, you will get to learn the strategies which will guide you on how to complete 50 questions in minimum time.

 3. Time Management

Time management is necessary for a student. It’s a kind of talent developed by the practice. In the ACCA examination, it’s necessary to evolve the writing, and thinking power. Here you need to attend 50 questions, in a time span only 2 hours.

Lots of students know the answers to all the questions, but since of lack of practice, they fail to finish their exams on time. You need to understand the time management system and first try to complete those questions which are clear in the mind, and after that tackle those questions, which may give troubles.

 4. Study the Pattern

The exam study pattern is a necessary part of any exam preparation, you need to make a systematic schedule for study. One should know how to complete the course in day-to-day life. You need to set a pattern for study, and for this, it’s very important that you cover maximum topics of the syllabus but in a proper and effective manner. Set a goal every day that will help you to understand, and complete the examination syllabus before time.

Through this you will able to complete a big section in an ACCA exam syllabus in lesser period. Try to divide the whole syllabus into small pieces, learn and revise those topics thoroughly on daily basis.

 5. Analysis of Exam Paper

Once you will able to complete the whole syllabus, then start solving previous years question papers on a daily basis. Try to practice those questions again and again in minimum time.

Upon completion, try to analyze every questions as you may get some similar questions on the current examination. Lots of questions of the ACCA exam follows the same pattern, but the ways of structuring those questions may be different. That’s why previous year’s question papers are helpful for practice and analysis.


The ACCA examination is not that much tough, but you need to understand the strategies for preparation for the exam. You can find lots of suggestions on the internet, but in this article, we have presented top 5 points you need to understand and implement in order to clear the ACCA exam with great marks.


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