Here are the activities in Rajasthan that visitor should not miss:

Choki Dhani Ethnic Resort: Have an authentic experience of Rajasthani Hospitality. It’s heaven for the seekers of luxury. You are at a loss if you are in Jaipur and have not come to Chokhi Dhani yet. This is one spot where you get a real insight into its hospitality and culture. Stay or just eat here is up to your budget. The rest here is a must! You can’t help but love this place with Rajasthani cuisine with an incredibly warm heart and set up a cultural show which will hurt you immediately.

Camel Breeding Farm: It’s one of the offbeat activities you must do in Rajasthan. You can visit this special Camel Breeding Farm located in the vicinity of Bikaner. The platform is open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and you can enjoy camel rides and camel ice cream. It’s a kind of experience and we recommend you to go for it!

Dune Bashing: Take over the Adrenaline, the great Thar Desert is what you need! In Rajasthan, especially at Jaisalmer Dune Bashing became extremely popular. It is certainly an adventure, a revived adventure where you can sit on a jeep and go through the robust desert to destroy the sand dunes!

Gypsy Snake Dance: Get the Kalbelia Tribe jiggy – You just love it! Visit Jodhpur and you will find the nomadic tribe of Rajasthan named the Kalbelia Tribe in a hypnotic performance. Watch the brave men from Kalbelia defanging the snakes and watch the beautiful women from Kalbeliya dance to flute. You can compete with any of those international belly dancers in their rhythmically rolling slender waists. You’re sure to have an unforgettable time in Jodhpur!

Vintage Car Rally: – You will be surprised to watch the old beauty of the ramp again. If you visit Rajasthan in January and February, you will feel enthusiastic. At the annual vintage car rally held at the same time, the serpentine streets are taken over by the rushes of Vintage cars. The royal car march will surely make you amazed!

Abhaneri Step Now: The Imperial Architecture Marvel like the Rani kis Vav, the Abhaneri Step Well or the Chand Baori in Dausa, now UNESCO World Heritage site. An old structure created in Rajasthan in the 8th and 9th centuries to harvest rainwater. The colossal size and architecture of this step will impress you well.

Royal Elephant Polo: Lifetime experience-Elephant rides in Rajasthan are common because they are the royal house of India but the thing about Royal Elephant Polo? Well, for that matter you can’t play the game, but of course you can watch Elephant Polo ‘s lively game in Jaipur. You’re promised a cheerful event, an experience of this kind!

Museum of Shilpgram: Ethnicity Welcome to you- we all go to Rajasthan, doesn’t it? Well, if that is the case, Shilpgram Museum in the vicinity of Udaipur must be included in the Rajasthan list of places. The Shilpgram Museum will surely be your guide to Rajasthan and exhibit the state’s lifestyle and culture. The museum can be reached easily and is only 3 km from Udaipur.

Speeds Boating: An adventure ride that you should cheer. You’ll be happy to get water on you while riding a high-speed boat in Udaipur’s hot climate. There is absolute rejuvenation! Boat trips are offered from 8.00 AM to 4.30 PM throughout the year.

Trekking in Alwar: Traverse Rajasthan – Adventure lovers! Here’s something you’ll enjoy in the core – Alwar Trekking. Contrary to anywhere in Rajasthan, Alwar has lush green mountains, and a safe environment and winter trekking in Alwar can be ideal for all your adventure buffs. The popular trekking trail is Sariska-Alwar-Amber. However, you can go to Naldeshwar, home to the famous Temple of Mahadeva, if you are short of time or are looking for an easy trip.

Long Live Puppet Show – This is one of the things you can’t afford to miss out in Rajasthan. When you are in Thar Heritage Museum in Jaisalmer you must stop at the Puppet Show in the night. Also, make sure that the owner himself takes you on a tour of this private museum. His passion for Rajasthan and his awareness are extremely impressive.


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