Product Design is becoming a popular career option among individuals with creative imagination and artistic capabilities. However, the experts working in this field have to deal with manufacturing and designing products to make them more efficient. 

Courses in Product Design allow students to gain in-depth knowledge of manufacturing industries and product designing. Plus, they are taught the skills required for tackling complex issues, designing skills, explore out of box solutions, and much more.

Fortunately, today there are multiple selections of product design courses relevant for different professional roles. So let’s dig deeper into the various available options.  

Top Career Oriented Product Design Courses

1. B.Des in Product Design

This course aims to build highly skilful Product Designers that can come up with a modern makeover of traditional designs of various products. This Product Design Course helps aspiring product designers to elevate their capabilities in the niche. They work on both tangible and intangible parts of the product so that it meets the needs of end-users efficiently. 

2. Bachelor in UI and UX Design

The learning program is designed to help the students create advanced digital products that are both tempting and user-friendly. They learn to build flawless user interfaces using the latest technology. It’s one of the most sought-after skills, especially in the tech industry. A user experience designer makes technology interaction more accessible and meaningful for users. All major product design colleges in Delhi, including the Design Village, train students in core disciplines of this field, such as product management, creative computing, and more. 

3. Bachelor in Industrial Product Design

Bachelor in Industrial product design course imparts knowledge of household jewellery, appliances, automobiles, furniture, electronic equipment, and other industrially produced products. In addition, this profession is related to anthropology, ergonomics, material technology, natural sciences, ecology, production, and related disciplines. 

Besides, the course also helps students learn about global interactions, aesthetic concerns, and user expectations from the product. Finally, the course also helps them learn about consumption and economic trends that affect the design process.

4. BA in Furniture and Interior Design

It’s a three-year course that allows students to acquire knowledge of the entire design process, from sketching to creating the final product. The learning program trains aspiring Interior Designers and makes them capable of building skills that can help them to handle relevant projects. Apply for admission at a reputed institute to start your journey to a successful career in Furniture and Interior Design. 

5. BA (Hons) Product Design

This design course aims to develop product designers that can create futuristic designs. The degree program also enables the students to learn the art of collaborating with well-established business agencies, recognizing business opportunities, and more. It is focused on the communication, generation, and delivery of product design ideas that can pave the way to new product markets.

6. Bachelor in Product Design – Transportation Sector

Specialization in Product Design for transpiration provides aspirants with the skills and knowledge needed for developing mobility solutions in a broad sense. The course covers interior and exterior design, motorbikes, aeroplanes, cars, trains, and accessories. Plus, the course also hones their marketing skills and creative sensibilities.


Courses in product design make students capable of understanding customer needs. Simultaneously, they also learn to leverage the latest technology to create ultimate products. Aspiring product designers need to acquire problem-solving, basic computing, communications, creative, and computer designing skills irrespective of their chosen field. Learning programs are the best way to learn all this and much more. Moreover, the studio-based learning offered by the institutes hones their overall capabilities to a greater extent. Choose the course based on your interests.


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