Quantity Surveying is one of the top-notch courses which is getting more and more attraction. For those who have good financial management skills besides exposure to civil engineering projects, becoming a quantity surveyor is one of the best options. A quantity surveyor is one of the great job profile that is closely related to the finance and construction field. The candidates from the engineering or architecture discipline will have an added advantage. One can easily take up a graduate or a postgraduate program in quantity surveying to become a professional. Candidates can pursue a master’s in Quantity surveying to start with an impressive career. It is best to become a quantity surveyor after pursuing a course in this field, but there is another job option available too, such as:

Jobs directly related to your degree include:

  1. Architectural technologist
  2. Building surveyor
  3. Commercial/residential surveyor
  4. Construction manager
  5. Estimator
  6. Planning and development surveyor
  7. Project manager
  8. Quantity surveyor
  9. Site engineer

Jobs where your degree would be useful include:

  1. Arbitrator
  2. Building control surveyor
  3. Building services engineer
  4. Consulting civil engineer
  5. Contracting civil engineer
  6. Estates manager
  7. Financial manager
  8. Urban designer

Career Opportunities
Those who hold an educational qualification in quantity surveying will find ample job opportunities in the construction field. The demand for surveyors is quite high because there is a shortage of workers who have practical experience. Many private companies recruit fresher with a good pay structure. Most of them are associated with construction companies and property developers. They can also find a job in subcontractor companies, project management companies, construction material supplier companies, insurance companies, and so on. Once you gain enough experience in this profession, you can get an opportunity to become a contractor. You can specialize in project management easily after a course of time. Some of the other options that the quantity surveyor can opt for are risk assessment as well as logistic management.

Quantity Surveyor Skills
Apart from theoretical knowledge and technical knowledge, you can get some skills to become a successful professional. Some of the best skills include budgeting skills, mathematical skills, problem-solving skills, financial skills, logical and thinking ability skills, and so on.

Duties of a Quantity Surveyor
A quantity surveyor is generally responsible for coordinating the work effort on a building project as well as to conduct feasibility studies to estimate costs that are associated with the materials, time as well as labor. They need to negotiate and analyze the cost for the tenders and contracts as well as offer advice on a variety of contractual and legal issues. Once the work is done, the quantity surveyor needs to value what has been done in the project and arranges all the essential payments.

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