Lexicon EDU is one of the best and most popular cbse schools in kalyani nagarand the school aims for the overall personality development of students. The school is successful in providing child-centric learning by encouraging critical thinking. The school also focuses on developing team spirit by developing ideas that help students in involved group activities. The most important and notable factor of the school is that it applies all the strategies to build the nation’s best citizens by importing the core values of life. It is worth joining the school for quality education and overall personality development. 

Admission Guidelines For Parents And Students:

Admit your kid to one of the reputed CBSE schools in kalyani nagar pune by following the guidelines. The guidelines help you in planning to select the best school for the better future of your kid. The guidelines include

1. Select the school that fits your expectation

It is crucial to select the school that fits all your expectations for your child’s better education. The school must include a specific teaching style, challenging activities, practical ideas apart from books, and extracurricular activities to enhance the child’s interest. 

2. Select the school based on the scores

Achieving the best marks alone will not help in selecting the best school, but it is also a crucial factor to consider in choosing the school. The overall performance of the school and the teaching modules should help students to face the challenges; hence it is crucial to consider the scores as a critical factor in selecting the best school.

3. Enquire about the school

You must enquire about the school you selected from various sources like old students, parents and staff members to know about the teaching and the other features that could help you choose the school. The inquiry also clarifies the fee structure and the other related aspects that help decide the school.

4. Try to visit the school.

Once you decide on the school for your child, try to visit the school directly. It helps you view the school’s infrastructure and available facilities that can help you in your search process. You also can interact with other parents and the teaching staff to gather more information. It helps you further in deciding the school for your child’s admission. 

5. Try to meet the principal of the school once.

The one-to-one meeting with the principal helps you clarify major doubts about teaching, security measures, and other essential aspects. Contact the school, and fix a prior appointment with the principal to get better clarification.

Guidelines For Students:

Students also have some guidelines that help them in becoming the best students. The students should follow the procedures, include

  • Maintain discipline on the school campus
  • Behave politely with the teachers
  • Complete your homework regularly
  • Try to be interactive in class, avoid talking, and involve less essential activities.
  • Follow the rules and regulations structured by the school authorities
  • Reach the school on time
  • Respect your teachers

Apart from the mentioned factors, several other factors also there need to be followed by the students. 


Lexicon EDU is the best cbse school in kalyani nagar that meets all your expectations. The CBSE curriculum pattern makes your child more knowledgeable and allows the children to face the competitive exams well for a better career. The school helps develop your child’s overall personality and philosophical ideas. Apart from education, the school also focuses on developing the necessary skills to help the children find better career options. The specific school is the right choice to make your child the best scholar. Contact the school for more details regarding admission and other related information. 


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