Since admission to join M. Tech is open in different colleges, it is the right time to choose the specialization that will help you to have a bright career. Many students are not able to make a decision if they should choose IT or CSE as a specialization. In this article, we bring you the differences between the both so that you can make your decision and apply now to any of the universities of your liking. A quick tip would be to apply to 2-3 universities so that you get admission in the university of your choice.

Computer science and Engineering specialization and Information Technology specialization look similar when seen from a layman’s perspective but there is a notable unique difference between both of them. These are very minor differences that confuse students and make them unable to take the specialization that is right for them.

Difference Between IT and CSE Engineering

If we talk about computer science engineering, then we can say that it includes a lot of components of computer education. If a student is interested to learn about the working of computers then he will have to learn the design of microprocessors and this component belongs to computer science engineering. Also, if someone is interested to learn more about supercomputers or wants to go into detail about circuit designing that comes under computer science engineering as well. To give the power to work the computer, a person needs to write specific programs and these programs are taught during the computer science engineering program.

Information technology revolves around the usage of computers. Rather than putting the focus on how the computer works, it uses the concept of software processes and recovery of data. But this doesn’t mean that it is focused on just the working of computers. In the information technology stream, a student can delve into installing the applications and designing the computer networks and manage the database.

If someone wants to know about the career opportunity in both the specializations, then we can say that they are neck-to-neck winners in the competition. With the market trends, sometimes the CSE is slightly better than IT and other times IT gives better career opportunities than CSE. Depending upon the expertise and experience, a person is paid well with both the specializations. So, if you are ready to give your 100% to any of these specializations then and you will have a growing career.

Conclusion: CSE and IT

In conclusion, CSE and IT are almost the same yet very different. If you have studied computers at the bachelor’s level and you are simply passionate about computers then and you should definitely apply to M. Tech CSE colleges in India. In the current scenario, the CSE colleges are providing the best education, interacting with industry experts, and help their students to get very good placements. In fact, currently, colleges are providing 100% placements to their students who complete M. Tech CSE. Campus placement plays a crucial role as it gives a kick start to your career and boosts your chances of promotions and financial growth.


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