COVID-19 which was originated from the city of China has spread across the globe.  Many countries declared National Emergency and complete lockdown and therefore many sectors have been affected such as the retail sector, transport sector, tourism sector and so on.  Among all the sectors, the sector which got tremendously affected is the hospitality sector.  The hospitality industry in itself is quite a lot and it includes lodging, food and drinks services, event planning, transportation and even theme park.  Employment capacity is quite high in this sector and because of the national lockdown, everything has been severely affected. Pursuing education in BSc hospitality management is one of the best ways to proceed. The industry is quite down but sooner or later it will revive again.

Effects and Problems faced by Hospitality Management & Industry due to COVID-19:

In the initial days of the lockdown, the hotel industry and the hospitality industry lost around 620 crores which is a huge amount and the number is increasing day by day.  Various big hotel chains, small resort change had been shut for a few months and they have suffered quite a big loss.

Hospitality Mangement
Hospitality Management

It is said that the hospitality industry is going to suffer a lot and will take a lot of time to revive also.  Indian hospitality and tourism industry in India accounts for about 10% of India’s GDP and because of the downfall, the GDP has really down. You can read more about it for more information.

The major problem with this industry in India is that the maximum number of people is based on working on a contract basis on casual working and they all come from a weaker background so, shutting restaurant chains and other services will affect them economically. On a positive note, some of the hotels are offering their hospitality services to help those immediately affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

As a part of the government’s initiative,  many are providing facilities at the hotels, a team is working with the medical team to provide services to the guests according to the rules.  Those who are traveling from one state to another or one city to another are staying up in the hotel and the staff who have done BSc in hospitality management is arranging them the transportation, their food, lodging. everything.  There are also keeping hygiene and sanitization to ensure viruses are not spread from one person to another. Everyone understands that this is a testing time for all of the people but it has been great to see the staff extending their hand as much as possible.

But as the lockdown is relaxing a bit people are traveling more and hotels and restaurants having open. For example, Goa has opened its doors for all the tourist across the country.  Anyone can just go there and enjoy the beach, have amazing cuisine and stay at hotels without being quarantined.

If you are interested in this field, then there are many colleges that offer quality education. You can contact or visit the website of the different well known BSc Hospitality Studies colleges and institutes to know more about them and apply.


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