Aries Birthstone is diamond, a choice of all women for personal adornment to make their personality unique and charming among the folks. In normal routine this gemstone is more beneficial for those who are born between the dates 20th March to 19th April of each month. The attributes are gifted to owners that are Aries and for personal beautification it is for all to use.  

The most prominent, rare, and unique Aries Birthstone Color is white or it is colorless.  Expect this unique color; this gemstone also exists in dynamic colors like pink, green, red, yellow, gray and black. The color variation in diamond is due the nature of the earth from where it is discovered and the chemical changes that have happened for the existence of this gemstone.

Aries birthstones are minerals and its natural location is hundreds of miles below the surface of the earth but these are found some kilometers near the surface of the earth because of the volcanic disruption that often occur underneath the earth. High temperature and pressure is cause for the existence of this gemstone.

An Aries Birthstone has countable attributes but their effects on the personalities are infinite and everlasting and are transformed from generation to generation when one owner wholly and solely feels and practices it in his daily routines of life. Once these legends are penetrated into the neurons of brain, their effects are transferable through DNA to the next generation.

So, we recommend all the Aries to wear their dedicated birthstone to enjoy its features in their personalities for growth, happiness and mental tranquility.

Aside from attributes of Aries Birthstone, its market value is the main factor that has two fold effects on investors and also on purchasers.

The market value of the Aries Birthstone diamond is evaluated on 4C’s that are explained in the steps below:

Carat for Diamond

Diamond has weight that is a physical quantity. Weight of the diamond is measured in Carat. Another measuring entity for diamond is its size. Both are differentiable and different quantities but some people mix them. Defined criterion for Cart is, 1 Cart = 0.2 of a gram.

According to our experience a diamond having size 6.5 mm and weight 1 Carat is thought as an ideal diamond. If a diamond has 6.5 mm size but weight is less than one Carat, it market worth will lessen accordingly.

Color for Diamond

For color of gemstone grades are defines that are in alphabetical order. The white or colorless Aries birthstones are rare and they have grades from D to F. These stones are white or colorless. Moreover the jewels lying in the explained range are rare. Diamonds that exists in colors ranges below F also lavish and glitter but with stronger color tone.

Fluorescence depends on the amount of boron element present inside the gemstone is another factor influencing the color of birthstone. By placing the ultraviolet rays on the gemstone, fluorescence is observed. Here we are advising you, never go for a diamond that have white and yellow fluorescence and a diamond with blue fluorescence is recommended.

Clarity of Diamond

It is third factor that is influencing the price of the Aries Birthstone. There is no diamond in the world that is discovered without birthmarks. The names of these birthmarks are inclusions and blemishes. As formation of diamond is caused at very high temperature and pressure, so during this natural process a part of neighboring rocks mixes with the diamond as impurities. Some impurities mix with the internal structure of diamond called inclusions and some sticks with the outer surface of the diamond are called blemishes.

Clarity of diamond is defined as the amount of impurities present in a diamond. There are eleven points of clarity, starting from the flawless point and ends at the certain level of inclusion. The diamond free from any imperfection is flawless that is very rare having high value in the market.

Keep in mind that Libra birthstone color is also dynamic, means different colors are also seen in one jewel and never consider them the impurities, and they are the beauty of the stone.

Cut of Diamond

Cut is another influencing factor that is influencing the price of a diamond. Because of a Cut light is reflected, refracted and dispersed from the diamond. In reflection, light after striking the surface of diamond returns to the same medium, refraction allows to pass the light in all the inner surfaces and dispersion assists the light in scattering. In deep cut light leaks a lot whereas in shallow cut diamond glitter more but its effects are not matching with the ideal cut.


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