More than 5000 boarding schools and junior colleges are available in India, and most of them have several features in similar. Parents who want their students to have more quality education in a peaceful environment will send their children to these available boarding schools, primarily to provide quality education. Though many different schools are available, the holly Writ school is one of the boarding schools near Mumbai where students can have a quality education and various other qualities. These kinds of boarding or residential schools help students manage their time in both education and other essential activities in their life.

Interesting facts about India’s boarding schools

Though there are several kinds of boarding schools available all over India, the main aim of these schools is to provide quality education and proper discipline to their students. Some schools follow some unique practices or rules for their students to teach them time management and other essential life practices. Some interesting facts that people need to know about boarding schools in India are

  • Perfect academic structure
  • Good hostel facilities
  • Sports facilities
  • Experienced staff members
  • Smart classes
  • High tech labs
  • High-quality food
  • Strict disipline rules
  • Pleasant environment and high-level security

So, these are some interesting facts that people need to know about the boarding schools available all over India. Most boarding schools will have these practices and rules that help them maintain decorum on their campus. It also helps them maintain their credibility among parents and society.

1. Perfect academic structure

The main reason that many parents prefer boarding schools is due to the attractive and effective academic structure available in these schools. Most Indian boarding schools will concentrate on the education of the students, and the perfect academic design of these schools will make the students more ideal and suitable for all kinds of educational barriers.

2. Good hostel facilities

These boarding schools are well known for their academic structures and their accommodation facilities available for their students. All the students who study in boarding schools will have separate rooms or documentaries where students can have separate beds.

3. Sports facilities

These boarding schools allow students to concentrate on education along with sports. Like the holy writ school, these boarding schools are the best boarding school in Thane district and provide equal preference for sports and education. Many students use sports as their stress busters.

4. Experienced teachers

Though parents spend so much money on their students in these boarding schools, they hire the best and most experienced teachers to educate the students, and they also hire professionals who achieved more in their fields.

5. Smart classes

Most boarding classes available in India have these intelligent classes. Teachers use giant digital screens to teach students various video content and several graphical contents that help students learn practical knowledge about their subjects.

6. High-tech labs

Students studying in boarding schools will have several advanced facilities, and these modern high-tech lab facilities are also among them. These lab facilities help the students learn more about the subjects containing lab sections.

7. High-quality food

Though these are boarding schools, the management should provide food for their students, and these boarding schools offer various kinds of healthy food with different types of greens, proteins, and minerals. These boarding schools also help the students to learn about a balanced diet.

8. Strict discipline rules

These boarding schools will follow strict discipline rules for their students and staff members to maintain the decorum of their institution. Students following those rules will learn more values necessary in everyday life.

9. Pleasant environment and high-level security

The boarding school environment will be more pleasant and beautiful, which helps students learn in a peaceful situation. Then these boarding schools provide high-level security for the students to be safe and secure inside the school campus.


So, these are some points that people need to know about the reasons that make boarding schools more prevalent. The Holy Writ School, the best boarding school in thane, was the best example of a perfect boarding school. By knowing all these details about boarding schools, people need to be careful in choosing their boarding schools. This article will be the best option for parents searching for the best boarding school to join their kids with all these details.


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