Lexicon MILE is the right choice for PGDM admission as it has all the positive features of creating a better career scope for the students. The program provides the necessary skills and tools to develop leadership abilities to run a company or firm successfully. The course helps manage several teams, individuals, and organizations without clash. The earning potential is increased to a greater extent by joining the study, and a reputed institution multiplies the positive factors of gaining better placement. Join the course for all its perks and opportunities for better posts.

Select The Best PGDM Specialization For Better Opportunity:

Join the best management institute in Pune that offers management studies in various specializations. Selecting the right option helps in finding better career opportunities for students. The following are the available specializations for the PGDM program, and you can choose any discipline based on your interest. The specialization includes

1. Marketing 

It is one of the famous and precious PGDM programs and is listed as one of the most highly paid jobs. The program helps you in developing the essential skills to meet the recruiter’s requirements, and the scopes are available in sectors like 

  • Advertisement agency
  • The marketing department of a corporate company
  • Digital marketing company

The program applies to students with problem-solving abilities and finding the best creative solutions for any issues. 

2. Human Resource

Human Resource is also one of the essential specializations of the PGDM program to manage an organization’s resources well. Such specialization is suitable for students better known for their problem-solving skill sets. The role plays the most integral part in any organization, and career opportunity is wide open for this specific specialization.

3. Finance

Students interested in the banking and financial sector can join the program to obtain highly-paid job options. The program’s scope is widespread as the demand for financial consultants is significant in all industries. 

4. Business Analytics

Every business requires data and analysis for further development, and the specific program imparts analytical skills in students and covers the subjects like 

  • Science
  • Statistics
  • Research
  • Technology and so on

The program enhances the skill sets required for quantitative analytics of any business.

5. Operations and Supply Chain Management

Productivity is the success factor for any business. The specific PGDM program improves the productivity and operations of various companies and helps them plan and identify strategies that could maximize profit rates. The position includes several challenges and is suitable for individuals interested in facing several challenges in the profession.

6. International Business

The PGDM program explains all the business practices and the applicable global business laws. Also, it gains knowledge about export and import business and guides you in successfully managing business strategies and operations at the international level. The program gives an idea of connecting the company with the customers. It is one of the best PGDM programs that could avail you of all benefits.

7. Retail Management

The specific PGDM program makes you learn all the skills and tools to make the retail industry more profitable. The career scope is wide open in retail companies, and the techniques help companies grow and gain market profit.


Join the management college to gain better knowledge in the management sector. The PGDM program will guide you with all the knowledge and skill essential for managing the business efficiently. Management courses include several benefits for individuals and companies to carry their business successfully. Several specializations are available, and easy selecting the best program based on an individual’s interest. Select the field that matches your skill set and find the best career opening in various business sectors. Management studies include proven results for better career options, and individuals can see better placement in any of the companies with a high salary package. 


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