Here we have discussed all about Graviola, its ingredients, uses, as well as health benefits:

Graviola Seeds

Even for the fact that the seeds could be toxic, they are used by the primitive people. To fight against parasites such as lice, the seeds are crushed and a pulpy mass is produced, which is then applied to the scalp. The seeds of this are also used for an emetic.

Graviola Fruit

This fruit can be eaten quite well by anybody and it has a good effect on gastrointestinal problems such as stomach cramps and can successfully expel intestinal and skin parasites. 

In addition, it is low in calories and also has a very good effect on digestion. The juice that’s extracted from the fruit is also diuretic and should not be consumed in the evening. It can help with heartburn as well and improve the intestinal flora.

 Graviola (also called Guyabano) can also be processed into ice cream, pudding or jam or for cooking, baking and frying.

Graviola (Brazilian pawpaw) Ingredients

The leaves of the Graviola plant offer many herbal ingredients called phytochemicals. 

They are:

  • Annohexocin
  • Annomuricin A to E
  • Coronin
  • Gigantetrocin
  • Javoricin
  • Murihexol
  • Rolliniastatin 1 and 2
  • Sol Amin
  • Xylomaticin

So also many vitamins, especially vitamin B1, B2 and C are contained in the Graviola. 

Graviola Health Benefits 

You can take the advantage of not only its fruit itself but use the bark, roots, leaves and seeds. 

These serve as natural cure and help especially for fungal and bacterial infections. 

However, parts of the Graviola plants are often very used, says healthpally.

  • This help even at high blood pressure to bring it back into balance.
  • Its is a promising cure for cancer. However, there are numerous studies that are needed to be conducted but it is sure that Graviola can help with depression, skin disease, fever, convulsions as well as in inflammatory diseases.
  • Also, Guanabana should act preventively against heart and vascular diseases. While the fruit outwardly resembles a green chestnut which is still in the shell but is associated with the Berry family and can be up to 4 kg in weight.
  • The constituents of Guanabana are extremely varied and have an anti-inflammatory so as an anti-microbial effect.

 Therefore, it is more interesting in the research and some studies that have been performed already.

  • The active ingredients which are referred to as Annonaceius Acetogenines, have an anti-microbial effect and an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • They also serve as a remedy for parasites and were used even earlier as a pesticide.
  • It was used as a natural remedy so well by the locals with a worm infestation. 
  • Furthermore, this insecticidal activity such as the anti-inflammatory effect is found only in this form in Graviola (guanabana).
  • The guanabana, above all the leaves of the plant, also has a promising effect against cancer. 
  • The included Acetogenine in the leaves is much more effective than the artificially produced and toxic Adriamizine which is used in chemotherapy.
  • There are lots of studies you should follow to really say more about it.
  •  It has already been proven in laboratory tests that the guanavana extracts could kill breast cancer cells through the change of metabolism caused by the constituents of Graviola.
  • Graviola fruit extract affects a cell formation and on the other hand, the enzyme activity. 
  • This spurred the researchers to know that the Graviola plant would be a possible alternative to treating cancer.

Graviola (Guanabana) is a Dietary Supplement

The Guanabana, in particular as a food supplement is so much embraced for those who know the health benefits and you can take it in form of tablet or capsule form. 

Its leaf extracts are used for the production of drugs which is used to improve the general well-being, support metabolism and protect human body cells and tissues. 

A tablet or capsule is usually taken daily with plenty of water.

Buying Graviola

If you want to buy it, it’s unfortunate that only frozen fruit can be found in grocery stores. 

With luck, a special deal for Brazilian food may have fresh fruits in storage. Otherwise, the tablets and capsules are your choices which you can purchase from food and health stores. It should be taken according to the instructions on the package, healthfully advised.

Also, Graviola is used as tinctures and its leaves are used to make powder for making tea, available in popular shops around you. Of course yes, you should only buy from a reputable seller so that you can be sure that, there are no chemical additives in powder, tablets and capsules and to ensure the leaves come from quality and trusted farm.

While buying Graviola, it is always better to compare it and to make sure it aligned with the reviews of consumer products.


Graviola (Annona muricata) is an excellent remedy, the alternative of drugs to Fever, cramps and stomach problems. However, you should not take it without first consulting your doctor. Especially, when you’re suffering from some diseases and you’re on other medications.

It has anti-hypertensive effect, it may be quite possible that drugs need to be adjusted. But especially for skin diseases such as acne or even eczema and psoriasis, buying Graviola can be a great decision to help relieve the symptoms and alleviate the itching in psoriasis.

As a dietary supplement, cooking Graviola fruit is excellent to employ to protect the cells and the tissue and the Blood flow to regulate and to even prevent cardiovascular disease.

Even against Cancer, Graviola will help, but still relevant studies in humans are missing. So far, the unique effect has been tested only on lower animals. Tumour growth is prevented and even after chemotherapy, it prevents further growth of a tumour.

However, cancer patients should not jettison the positive effects of Graviola and even with all these health benefits of Graviola, you should not make any step in using it, mostly especially as medications without the consent of your medical doctor.

 Keep living an healthy life, health is wealth!


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