Housing in Saudi Arabia has been restructured and redeveloped. Over the years, there has been an amalgamation of tradition in conjunction with heritage, and the results of what Saudi Arabia looks like now are spectacular. There are apartments and vast compounds like compounds from Rental, where a lot of expats come to stay in the furnished family flat for rent in Al Khobar. The journey from mud walls and bricks to sky scrapers, luxurious apartments, villas and beautiful compounds.

In Saudi Arabia, they have a perfect jumble and fusion of modern life without losing their essence of tradition and heritage.

More than half of the people living in housing in Saudi Arabia are not from the land; they are people from all over the world. In the flats, in Khobar, a lot of expats stay in rent. People flock into Saudi Arabia like bids in migration for a better life and opportunities, and only 20% of Saudi Arabia people are natives of the land. Retal residences has the best compounds if you are an expat and looking for a furnished family flat for rent in Khobar.

Saudi Arabia has old heritage houses of different types depending on the terrain of the place; however, those houses are not livable. Most old housing in Saudi Arabia are abandoned, and most people now live in safer and more well-established houses. However, one can always take pictures of those houses as they make up for lovely photographs.

The changing times have developed Saudi Arabia; the architecture is now much more refined and structured. They have planned a city with beautiful structures. The people staying there love their luxurious living experience, and their country is rich in the money frontier to have such wonderful architecture marvels.

Earlier weather played a crucial role in how the housing in Saudi Arabia were, back when oil was not yet discovered.

The weather and terrain laid the foundation on how the houses were structured and constructed and what materials were used to make those houses.

Some Examples of How Location Differed the Architecture of Housing in Saudi Arabia:

Hijaz Region:

The weather in the region of Hijaz was hot and humid because of the closeness of the sea. They made the houses of this region out of large coral columns, and they used wood for the floors and the roofs. The sitting rooms were usually on the first floor, and the bedrooms were on the upper floor. During the summer, residents slept on roofs because of the unbearable climate as they got better wind flow from the sea and natural winds to make them comfortable.

Najd Region:

Najd is the central region, and it follows a desert climate. The weather is hot and dry, and as deserts, the weather goes varying temperatures during the day and night. The houses here were two stories high and had an open courtyard in the middle. The houses here were mostly geometric, either a square or a rectangle. The raw materials used to build the houses were mud and bricks, as mud, when pasted on top of bricks, cools down the house’s temperature. These houses gave them relief during the arcing summer day heat.

Modern Day Architectures:

  1. Rooftop Apartment Complex: These rooftop apartment complexes are literally for the rich, the apartments are on the rooftops of buildings, and they have a lot of privacy, even though they have glasses instead of walls. The enormous glass windows bring nature within their house. It is a luxury that can only be felt if you live there. The view is stunning from these places.
  1. Villas: Villas are abundantly available in Saudi Arabia. The people here love to be surrounded by lush greenery due to the abundance of desert lands, anyway. They surround the villas with plants and flowers and greenery sorts to make up a living experience one would want. Privacy is very well maintained, and if living in the air like rooftop apartments is not your choice, and you want to live somewhere more grounded, these villas are a perfect choice.
  1. Compounds: This is the most preferred choice among expats, and rightly so, it is affordable than the other two options, and the living experience is wonderful. Most expats come to Saudi Arabia and are culturally shaken up by the huge change. Compounds help manage that as living in these compounds makes them feel at home, where there is no hard and fast rules to follow.

In fact, one is free to do all that one does in a civilized society outside Saudi Arabia. One of the most well-known compounds is by Retal. Retal has compounds that are the safest and the compounds that provide all the best facilities available for expats who stay here. Within the compounds, you have an area for gamers, a library for readers, and an open space to walk and exercise. They also have a cafe and a restaurant where expat families can bond and socialize to feel less alone in this foreign land. Compounds are your best friend if you are in Saudi Arabia as a working professional in search of any 1bhk flat for rent in Al Khobar or a furnished family flat for rent in Al Khobar. If you are coming to stay in Al Khobar and need a flat in Khobar for rent, definitely consider Retal.


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