In today’s world, the need for a wife connection has become necessary for every household. We can do online shopping, calling, watching online shows, streaming TV, and many more through the Internet. But if your Internet is slow, then you have to face the problem of buffering. At that time you need to buy a better router which gives you high-performance. But choosing which wifi router is the best option for you is difficult for you. Having a Router for 2 story house is also means that, you will able to access the Internet all corners of your big house.

Selecting a router according to your requirements is a great way to choose the right one. We will help you with how to choose a good wifi router for your big house.

1. Find the Internet Speed that you will Get

If you are buying a router, then you have to find the speed of the Internet. Contact your internet service provider or your ISP or view your service account details. Use Mbps or Megabits / second to measure the internet speed of your wifi connection. By measuring this, you will find out what the minimum rate your service provider should give you.

Let’s try to understand this with an example: if your service provider is giving you 100 Mbps maximum speed, you need to find a router that can easily handle the minimum 100 Mbps speed. Buying a costly router is a waste of money for those people who are living in small homes. But if your house is enormous, you need a router with eight antennas, which give you high internet speed to your entire house and increased coverage. These routers are a little bit expensive but give you high speed with better performance.

2. Determine the Total Area you want to Cover

If your house is enlarged, it is essential for you that whenever you choose a router, keep your wishes in mind and take such a router, giving you high coverage.

Because your house has enlarged, it does not give you good coverage and internet speed if you take any cheap router. Due to which you have to face the buffering problem. Before taking any router, you need first to compare the brand and model of the wifi router online. You can consult your companions who have already purchased the router for a large area before taking the router. Or you can think of an extender for your wifi; it increases the range of your router. Or, if you are still not satisfied, you need to choose a wifi kit that gives you robust coverage with astonishing speed.

3. Count Devices that Connect with your Wireless Router

You should know how many laptops, smartphones, PCs, and TV streaming gadgets exist in your house. If you plan to take the router, then there are many types of the router in the market; all have different features and specifications. Now the thing is to know what you want. If you have more devices in your home and connect all devices with a wifi router, then the Internet’s speed works slowly. We explain this to you with an example, if your router is giving you 300 Mbps speed with a bandwidth of 2.4 GHz and you connect your ten devices from your router, everyone will get 30 Mbps speed.

At that time, you need dual-band and high coverage wifi routers that can fulfill all your requirements. If you are a YouTube-streamer, then a tri-band router is a better option for you.

4. Understand MU-MIMO Technology

It would help if you took a router, which gives you MU-MIMO technology. With the help of this technology, you can take advantage of the convenience of simultaneous streaming. This technique is also called multi-user. This technology can deliver data to all your devices simultaneously. With the help of this technique, you can easily play online games. This technology does not allow your Internet to shut down quickly.

5. Give you Better Security and Software Features

If you want to know what goes on with your wifi router, you need a router with modem firmware. You also get many more useful features with this technology. It gives you complete control over your wifi router. If you want to see your children’s activity on the Internet, what your children are browsing on the Internet, then the Parental Control feature will help you. It will also remove all your concerns about children. You can ban the adult website through this feature.

6. Understand the Router Range and Router Speed

Before choosing a router, you have to know what range and speed your wifi router is giving you. Understanding the router’s capacity and the rate is not an easy task, for that we will help you. It gives you two types of momentum, advertised speed and roof speed, and gives you the router range. Let us know one by one.

Advertised Speed

It has the speed that the service provider of the router tells or shows you. Router companies often round the band speed of the wifi router. They say that people are attracted to this and take the router, but we only know when using the router. And then many bands don’t connect, and that’s why the advertised speed is a hoax.

Roof Speed

Roof speed that your device can handle the maximum speed, but if the speed capacity of your device is 500 Mbps, then how you can get 800 Mbps speed by connecting the router. For this, you need to understand your equipment.

Router Range

The router range is significant for you because if your house is big, you also need better coverage with a better signal. If your router gives you a high degree, you can enjoy an internet facility in any corner of your house, and it covers all the areas of your home. If you get a high Internet range with a better speed, then it is a good wifi router for your big house.


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