Are you planning to enroll your child in playschool and want to research about some of the best preschools in your area. Let us help you how to choose the best preschool for your children when there is a wide variety of possibilities accessible.

Why does it occur, too? Indeed, as parents only want the best for their children, they go to great lengths to ensure that they receive the greatest possible education for them.

After weighing all the benefits and drawbacks of enrolling your child in a play school, it’s time to locate the best play school where your child will make priceless childhood memories and pick up a lot of new skills. You might start by requesting suggestions from your friends and family or by looking up the top pre-primary schools over internet.

Why Playschool? 

There are a variety of reasons why some parents choose not to enroll their children in a playschool, including concerns about their child’s readiness, the notion that children don’t require playschool instruction since they can learn at home, and financial issues.

Children do, in fact, require a high-quality education at presence the curriculum there fosters creativity and helps children master fundamental skills.

What are the benefits of enrolling your child in preschool? Here are the top ten reasons to enroll your child in preschool:

  • The kids learn social skills as a result.
  • For the children, it offers comprehensive learning.
  • Children’s creativity is enhanced by preschool instruction.
  • It supports a child’s emotional growth.
  • The preschool’s activities assist children in developing their independence.
  • Children’s verbal, cognitive, pre-math, and literacy skills are improved through preschool.
  • Kids’ motor abilities are developed as a result.
  • Children are forced to learn the values of collaboration.
  • Children that attend preschool develop patience and have higher self-esteem.

It also enables children to take control of their activities and make their own decisions while assisting them in coping with parental separation.

Important Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Playschool in Gurgaon for your Kids

Well, as has been mentioned, choosing the best playschool for your children may be quite a difficult undertaking. We’ve included some of the most important things that parents should think about before selecting the ideal playschool for their child below.

Location – Area & Distance from Your Place

The first thing you need to think about in this respect is how far from the playschool is from your house. Your young kid must commute to school every day, not you, therefore choosing a playschool within a 3- to 4-kilometer radius is always advised to reduce the stress of additional travel.

According to experts, one should never place additional pressure on young children, whether it be in the form of academic or other demands, since this kind of mental stress can be lethal to a child’s mental health.

School Credibility – Teaching Tools Used In that Preschool

The kind of teaching materials that a school is employing to teach your children are the next important factor that you as parents need to think about.

Teaching tools include, among others, books, notes, boards, smart boards, and topic packs. In this regard, many schools today use cutting-edge technology, such as cartoon animations, to teach young students the ABCs and Ds, rhymes, and many other subjects in an audiovisual format.

According to research, kids who learn through audiovisual means and who are also in a happy mood consistently outperform their peers since they never forget what they are being taught whether it is by their favorite cartoon character.

Staff – Quality Faculty Team

Teachers at the top preschools in your neighborhood radiate warmth and affection. They will oversee looking after your child when you are not around; they are the second mothers. So, while selecting a preschool, schedule a faculty meeting. You must determine whether the teachers are sufficiently trained and experienced to work with young children like yours. You might move through with admission if you are completely confident in the teachers and that your child would be in good care.

Schools now routinely question parents before allowing any child to enroll in their program. Therefore, it is your essential right as a parent to verify that the playschool teachers a qualified faculty team.

Because teachers are the ones who will be instructing your children on everything in school, it is crucial that they have received the necessary training and have dealt with young children in the past.

School Methodology

A school’s name can only tell you so much about it; for example, “Montessori” might imply many different things to various administrators and instructors. Regardless of how good the label may sound, always ask the school to explain their unique philosophy and teaching techniques to you.

Communication & Transparency

The excellent playgroups in Gurgaon often have open lines of communication with the parent population. It is crucial because, to improve the lives of all children, parents and schools must work together. Therefore, before enrolling, make sure to ask the school about the frequency and form of contact. How frequently or when the principal or professors are available is another factor to concern.

Safety – Know About the Safety Procedures

Children rarely know safety measures since they are naturally naughty. Checking to check if security and safety measures are implemented at the preschool is the parent’s responsibility. The atmosphere at the school must be kid-friendly for the kids to feel comfortable and secure.

Policies and Regulations

An administration with a set of rules and guidelines should administer the playschool. It comprises a child’s minimum or maximum age, the student-teacher ratio, and a child-friendly structure with enough security and safety. To promote openness, they are setting up frequent parent-teacher conferences.

Adequate Parent Involvement

You might wish to learn how actively the school publicizes parents’ suggestions and their assistance depending on how involved you want to be in the school. While some school’s welcome parents with open arms, others are highly stringent about parent visits and only allow them on designated days for observation. Find out how the school intends to keep you informed about your child’s development and what their engagement with teachers’ policy is, but most importantly, ask them.

Visit and Experience First Hand

Trust your instincts when you enter a school, that initial thought. Does it look like a friendly, happy environment? To have all your questions answered, request a tour of the facilities, and pay close attention as you go. Even the notice boards’ artwork can provide some insight about the school’s pedagogy; for example, do the illustrations all appear too polished to have been created by young children, do they encourage imagination, etc.

Financial factors are one of the selection criteria, but this is certainly the most binary choice you must make – either you can pay the tuition at a particular school, or you can’t. You will need to juggle the remaining criteria, exchanging one for the other, until you choose the preschool that will provide your child a beautiful and joyful start in schooling.

Things You Can Do – Post Visit the Playschool

A good preschool education helps kids become ready for secondary education. It aids in both their skill development and knowledge acquisition. Before choosing the ideal playschool for their child, parents must spend all the necessary time and conduct all the necessary research. After all, education is life itself, not just a means of preparing for it.

After visiting the preschool, do the following:

  1. List the advantages and disadvantages of each preschool. Once you have visited every preschool, be sure to compile a note of the things you liked and disliked about each one.
  2. Consult your kid. It is imperative that you constantly ask your kid how they felt after each visit to the preschool. Were they pumped up? Do they desire to enroll in preschool? What were they fond of? What didn’t they enjoy? Find out which preschool elicited the most enthusiasm.
  3. Streamline your list. Consider the list after it has been reduced for a few days. Discuss with other parents. You may also take your child to one more of the preschools you’ve narrowed down to confirm your choice.
  4. Make a choice and prepare your child. Choose the preschool that most closely matches your needs. Prepare everything for your youngster and get the small one set to have a great time.

Why Choose Footprints as a Playschool for your Kids?

Footprints, the parenting partner is transforming child development and education, nurturing happiness, and freedom in children, creating prosperity and satisfaction for all stakeholders.  Below we are going to mention some of the best points because you should choose Footprints.

Online Preschool

  • 15 Days Free Trial
  • Comfort and Safety
  • Live Interactive Classes
  • Flexible Timings

Get Home Like Care

  • We have a world class adult child ratio
  • Live CCTV streaming
  • Trained staff
  • Child safety designed infrastructure

Nutritious Food

  • Fruits incorporated meals
  • In-house prepared food
  • Menu designed by Nutritionists
  • No junk food


  • 2017 – Best Pre-School – Brainfeed School Excellence Awards
  • 2018 – Best Upcoming Preschool Cum Day Care – India School Merit Awards
  • 2018 – Best Preschool – Silicon India


Parents must keep in mind that while the internet may offer a variety of listings of top playschools in their area or neighborhood, they should not rely only on these recommendations. Considering the above-mentioned essential aspects, every playschool must be thoroughly examined. The playschools need to take action to move the kids to different preschools. However, in practice, these closures cause confusion and harassment for the parents and kids.

Hence, it is always better to check out the playschools beforehand before enrolling your children in them. Choose Footprints as a playschool, best day care for your children and give them a best place to know the early age learnings of life.


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