Math is a subject that wanders off many kids from studies. Some people call it a ghost, some people call the subject sad, while some don’t even bother to look at it. Many kids struggle with math and its study. They get confused and scared to write the exam.

While not everybody has to be interested in math, one still has to graduate with basic mathematics. Good grades and knowledge of various subjects pave the way for a good resume.

Here are few tips for the kids who struggle with mathematics signs and math rules because giving up is easy, but conquering is important.

1.  Master One and then Move on to the Next

The subjects, courses, and textbooks are prepared to increase difficulty with grades, chapters, and proficiency. This is the reason we first learn addition and subtraction before we go for multiplication and division. Every next level involves the application of some previously learned topics. It is hence very important to acquire proficiency in one topic before we switch on the other one. One can look for various resources to develop and strengthen the topics of study. Books, study materials, online tutors, videos, etc. are the resources that are widely available to help a kid gain mastery.

If you feel like moving on another topic, simply don’t do it if you get stuck on one. No matter how much time consuming or frustrating it seems, it is very important to understand the topics and go with sequences. These are designed to help kids learn efficiently, so if you break that chain, you are already stepping into a mess, which will frustrate you more.

2.  Solving Examples

Math is not a theoretical subject where you can understand and learn the concepts. To gain a good grasp of a certain topic, you must understand it properly. Do not go through the theory only. Math is full of examples and problems. It is thus advised to go through the examples first. You may find some of the examples very easy and feel like not doing it. We would advise you to solve them too. This will give you the confidence to move on to the next problem and solve it. Do not leave any example just because you find it easy, intimidating, and repetitive, etc. These examples will help you understand the basic calculations which you will need for the exercise problems. Start with theory, solve the examples, and then move to the exercises. Solve the examples repetitively until you feel confident about the topic.

3.  Write and Learn

Mathematics is not a subject where you can design the whole problem to answer the path in your mind first. You have to take up your pen, hold it, and write down the solution. The only way to map a solution in math is to write down the steps and solve them. It is a general tendency of kids to look at the problem and then try to solve it in their head. With word problems, kids try to think of the solution without lifting their pens. This is not the right strategy at all. Once you see the question, hover over every line and write down the pieces of information in equation form. Then move your pen over the paper and solve the problem step by step. Writing down everything gives a person a chance to look at every step in detail. It helps a person to break the problem into bits and then focus on it in chunks. This helps in solving the problem efficiently and map out the problem to the solution to answer the path.

4.  Homework Completion

Never leave your homework. Always try to complete the homework on time. While you solve problems at home, you can practice and see if you face any problem with any topic. These problems can be solved the next day at school. You can take help from your teacher, tutor, and friends on the next day to solve your doubts. When at home, find a quiet and peaceful place for homework completion. Make sure you don’t sit in front of the television or with distractions. Find a study group with who you can discuss and work together. A quiet place will help you focus on homework completely. This way, you can complete the work fast and will be able to understand it well.

5.  Help Others

The best technique to understand something is to explain the same to someone else. If you can explain that to another person well, you know it by heart. Hence always try to help others when they have doubts. This will help you revise your concepts. You will be able to practice questions without having to search for problems. Teaching is the best way of learning. When you teach a person, you break down the problem in tiny bits, solve every part, and explain it to the other person. This improves your understanding of the topic and makes you proficient. And never say no to someone, even if it makes you delay your work for some time.

6.  Draw and Solve

Sometimes you are not able to solve the problem with the equations. For some topics like trigonometry, geometry, if you draw the diagrams and figures, the problem will be reduced to just a few steps. Hence try to understand the underlying concept behind the problems and decide if you need a diagram for it. The picture describes the whole problem simplistically and makes the solution seem easier. Drawing helps you to understand and picturise the situation and helps you solve the problem easily. For example, even while doing subtractions or additions, instead of writing equations, try to draw the objects and solve them. You will find it interesting. This way you can have fun with maths. While subjects like trigonometry require drawing out of the problem, you can also try this with other subjects like calculus, physics, etc. this will make the problem a lot easier and the solution very palpable.

7.  Neat Work

Math is a subject that requires a lot of writing. Hence always try to keep your work neat and clean. This will help you revisit the problems later when you have doubts while solving them. Since it not always possible to reach the answer in just one go, try to use a pencil and eraser while you work. This way, you can correct your mistakes if you do not get to the answer. And you can also try many different methods and go with one. So do not use a pen because scratching out, crossing out, or overwriting makes the work messy and difficult to understand.


While math may seem scary to a few students, you will understand it very easily if you work for it. It is a subject of practical problems where you can improve if you put in the effort. Do not run away from the topics that make you worry, rather try to master them so that you can gain a higher level of proficiency before stepping onto the next grade. For more such useful tips and tricks, do visit Math Tutor.


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