One important question that arises in everyone’s mind during this uncertain Covid pandemic situation is that can we apply for B school now and whether the application will be affected by this pandemic situation. Understanding the impact of the Covid over B school application is essential to know whether you can apply for an MBA during the pandemic. Many colleges and top universities are conducting the best online MBA programs and classes, and students are also actively engaging themselves with it. Let’s begin to decide whether to apply or not.

Less Competitive: To start with, the competition for MBA application and admission has fairly decreased during this pandemic situation. Also, the application of students from various countries has been reduced due to visa issues. So as you apply for admissions in the MBA domain in top Universities and colleges, the chance of getting selected is high. This is the perfect time to have your higher studies with the best Universities.

Value of MBA: Getting degrees like an MBA is not a one-time play. It’s a long-term investment. MBA remains a great career even in this COVID condition as private sectors promote their products online. MBA graduates with better qualifications are likely to be hired in different sectors, and the degree’s value has never fallen. Institutions are also trying their best to create opportunities for students even with this uncertain situation.

Interviews: Many top universities and colleges are approving students’ admissions through online interviews. You need not wait for direct interviews until lockdown ends or take risky tasks of directly visiting the campus regardless of the pandemic. All aspects of interviews remain the same, and all you need to do is just prepare the same way you do for in-person interviews.

Scholarships: The Covid has made many applicants financially weak and unstable. But still, there are many companies and institutions offering scholarships to qualified students. You can get scholarships from different clubs, organizations, charities, foundations, businesses, colleges and universities, the government, and individuals. You can visit the websites of these sections and apply for scholarships. If you are eligible and qualified, you need not worry about financial crises. You can directly apply for admissions and scholarships.

GMAT Exam: Whether it is an online GMAT or a personality test, it doesn’t matter. Just be ready. Prepare for your exams. Since we are in complete lockdown, we have lots of time on our hands, which is the best time to prepare for any competitive exams.

No Campus Visit: In this current situation, you cannot search colleges and universities and have a direct campus visit. But the entire infrastructure, achievements, curriculum, etc., are posted on the respective college websites. Or many reliable online reviews can help you with decision-making. You can also contact alumni of the institutions and interact with them regarding your admissions.

Conclusion: Thus applying for MBA during this midst of COVID is possible and correct too, as it doesn’t make any difference. The thing is, you must be able to do it and have the willpower to move on. Dr.D.Y.Patil Vidyapeeth Pune offers the best online MBA programs to help students enrich themselves even in this pandemic situation. You can apply for admissions for the courses.


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