Language lab software is a software which is based on learning a language. Good communication of a student depends on the language skills that he or she acquires while learning a language. The four skills of a language i.e. reading, writing, listening and speaking should be practised well. Language lab plays a great role in the process of language learning.

The language lab software helps to learn various languages in an effective way. It provides the students with sever technical tools with the help of which they can learn the pronunciation of the language in an easy way. It helps the students to learn the basic skills of the language. Students learn in an easy and effective way through interactive videos. You can visit the website to know more about it.

Language lab software has the following features:

● It plays a great role to develop communication skills in students
● It helps to facilitate teachers with real-time monitoring.
● It helps to build confidence among the learners
● It helps the learners to improve their pronunciation.
● It helps the learners to groom their overall personality.
● It is an effective way to learn any language easily.
● It also removes the fear and hesitation of the students.

Skills that students can acquire

Language lab software is introduced to schools in order to enhance their process of language learning. The language lab software is based on LSRW Skills. This helps the students to experience easy and fast learning. It also helps them to understand basic language skills. This software helps to improve the overall personality of the learners.

● Higher education
The software plays an important role in making the students confident and job-ready. The language lab consists of grooming courses that help to develop the personality of the students. It also prepares them to face the challenges of the world.

● Skill development institutes
Language lab software
is used in skill development institutes so as to help the students to learn the correct pronunciation of words. They also gain confidence in speaking the English language. Learning good communication skills is very important to convey the right message to the end-user.

● Corporate
Language lab software
plays a great role in the corporate world by improving communication skills. It also helps to facilitate global business communication between the executives.

● Career institutes
Language lab software is used by the career institutes to teach the English language or any other foreign languages. They charge some amount of money from every learner and also helps them to overcome the hesitation of speaking the English language. There are many students or learners who are not able to speak English properly due to lack of confidence. These institutes work on the overall personality of the students and sow the seeds of confidence in them to face the challenges.

Language lab software benefits:

A language lab software consists of the following content to improve the language of the user:

● Vocabulary
It consists of 5000+ words for the students to learn and also to improve their speaking and writing skills. The students can learn 20 words every day and use them in creative writing. This helps them to memorize them easily in order to build a strong vocabulary.

● Pronunciation
Learning the correct form of pronunciation is very important for all languages. If the pronunciation is correct, then end-user can easily understand and reply you back.

● Pace of speech
The pace is the key to effective and perfect communication in which the speech is clearly understood. The pace of speech should not be too high or too low. It should be constant. Language lab software has a voice recording feature which enables you to test your pace of speech with the help of a graph.

● ASL ( Assessment of speaking and listening skills)
This feature of the app helps in better communication and evaluate learners proficiency. This feature assesses the speaking and the listening skills of the students and helps to improve gradually.

● Soft skills
Language lab software
covers soft skills like group discussion, personality development, interview skills and many others. All these help to enhance the overall personality of the students. These bring confidence in the learner and enable him to overcome the fear of speaking in public. These features also prepare the learners to face an interview and ace in it!

So, language lab software a great tool that will help to improve your language skills. Visit the website to get more information regarding it. However, you need to put some extra efforts to make it more worthy. They are:

● Practising continuously
● Speaking in front of the mirror.
● Writing a page on a daily basis.
● Framing small sentences.
● Reading various study materials
● Learning new vocabulary daily.


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