Everything you need to know about Les Mills Workout is here ! It’s always best to seek the help of the best trainer if you want to work on yourself and Les Mills is the name who changed a lot of lives with his workouts. The world-class fitness group which gives you motivation and energy to buck up yourself is Les Mill’s group. If you never went to gyms and never did any kind of exercise then this is the best way you can join the home classes of Les Mills. There are lot of questions that we found about Les Mill’s workout, let’s go and discuss some basic things about Les Mills workout.

Things you need to know about Les Mills Workout:

·     Difference between Les Mills Workout and other Workouts

Lots of changes is found in Les Mills workout just like the music is amazing with the perfect synced and choreography. Not only that, but the program is safe, they provide the routine on their best results which affects you so well. There are tons of professionals working behind to create the best results. They provide you a well-trained instructor and the quality of classes gives you the vibes and you will get a perfect atmosphere.

·     Programs Offered by Les Mills

Les Mills workout programs include a few everything and the best part is that these programs are for everyone as there is no age bar and gender bar.

·     BODYPUMP- for full-body resistance training

·     BODYCOMBAT- kind of martial arts without equipment

·     BODYATTACK- high energy sports program

·     BODYSTEP- for aerobics and strength

·     CXWORX- for core training

·     GRIT series – it includes strength cardio HIIT with various equipment

·     BARRE- ballet for core strength using small plates

·     SHBAM- a dance party with bodyweight.

·     BODYJAM-a super fun dance session

·     BODYFLOW- to relax your mind includes yoga

·     TONE- strength cardio and core combination

·     RPM-indoor bike and cycling to boost

·     SPRINT-high intensity training

·     BORN TO MOVE- for youth

·     Where you can find Les Mills Workout Program Classes

You can go to online classes from your own home which is a great thing I guess because many times it happens that we are unable to go to gyms or if you are able so you can go to gyms around the world that have the paid partnership with Les Mills and lots of chains programs you can find. Home services are the best for the old age people as well as people who have a busy working schedule.

·     Where does it all start?

Les Mills is an Olympic athlete he started all these sessions with an athlete group he didn’t start the classes but his son gave him the idea of it then they start the gym and started creating the new things in it his children and grandchildren is running this all over the on today. It is based in New Zealand.

·     Who can do Les Mills Workout

Actually, anyone can do as we already read about it there is no age limit when we look at Les Mills classes, we found people of every ages, shapes, size, color, and of-course abilities and everyone works for their requirements. The best thing about his classes is there is an option for everyone you can go there without thinking about your ability and you will get your best results.

·     Workout while you are Pregnant

We have always been confused with this question much time the question comes to us so the answer is Yes, we can take the Les Mills classes while pregnancy, you can take body pump it will give you relaxation and that includes yoga too which will be beneficial for your baby and yourself. But try to skip the classes for last 3 months of pregnancy if you have any complications and if you don’t, then make sure you are a regular exerciser. By this you are safe as many Les Mills programs are not for everyone such as BODYCOMBAT, GRIT, SPRINT, CXWORX as these are the hardcore exercises which is not good. Mostly go with yoga relaxation, meditation, and walking.

·     Which are the Best Sessions for Beginners

If you are new then I guess you need to go with BODYPUMP or RPM. In RPM you can first start with cardio and give your body a habit of body sweat and also there is no pressure, you can easily do. You can go with BODYPUMP and learn deadlifts and squats, these are the basic requirements. You can most of the times work on these two patterns. You can learn more on Les Mills on-demand before heading to the gym.

Go through all these steps and learn more and more, also, take the Les Mills classes on an online platform or you can go to the gyms as well. Don’t forget to take a good diet and keep yourself healthy.


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