A Cambridge school prepares the students for international education by giving them access to the international curriculum and environment. Best Cambridge school in ECR adopts the International Baccalaureate curriculum. However, most of the schools also follow a national course and curriculum, which is different from the standards of the Indian school.

Students who study in Cambridge school get qualified for higher education or employment in foreign countries.

Here is the list of the top 5 Cambridge school in ECR that will boost your child’s career:

  1. Lord International School: Counted among the best Cambridge Schools in the region, Lord International trains and educates students for higher studies at international universities. Besides, the institute also focuses on instilling self-confidence and courage in children to adapt to the challenges and problems of the world.
  2. St. Francis International School: Established to provide diverse and rich educational programs to the students, St.Francis International School is known for its high-end course and curriculum. The unbeatable environment of the school allows students to grow, play, and learn top-notch skills and capabilities. Apply now if you want to access an internationally acclaimed curriculum.
  3. Valls International School: Founded in 1992, Vaels International School is focused on facilitating students with advanced teaching processes. The teachers and staff of the school have extensive knowledge and experience in their areas of expertise and subjects. The institute also facilitates the students with various activities and sessions related to social, academic, religious, and cultural learning.

Vaels believes in building strong and healthy relationships with its students while ensuring every individual’s academic and personal growth. It is the best Cambridge school in ECR with an impeccable, world-class infrastructure.

The laboratories are well-equipped with all the latest tools required for the purpose. The best part is that the teachers at Vaels are conscious of their role in moulding and shaping the students to become the best version of themselves.

  1. M.C.T.M Chidambaram Chettyar International School: Facilitating the students with high-class education, the M.C.T.M. Chidambaram Chettiar International School ensures excellence in various aspects of students’ personality development and academic success.

From developing a sense of self-esteem, responsibilities to instilling creativity, leadership quality, compassion, self-confidence, and quick decision making qualities in children, the institute is known to offer the best of Cambridge schooling to its students.

With its holistic approach, the school’s management and staff ensure individualized attention to each child. The aim is to help the weaker students cope with the curriculum so that they too can enjoy their academic success.

  1. Akshar Arbol International School: The school has come up with an extraordinary formula for teaching and learning, which is focused on using students’ unique skills for learning. Moreover, the students are also facilitated with various extracurricular activities such as discussions, debates, simulations, and role-play to help children learn through experiences. If you are interested in enrolling yourself here, check your eligibility for admission by visiting the website.

Conclusion: A Cambridge school prepares individuals for life. Plus, it also helps them in learning things through informed curiosity. So, irrespective of the institute you choose from the above list for your study, know that the Cambridge curriculum followed by the school will give you access to a wider world.


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