In Singapore, PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) is a national examination. It is a must for all students who completed their primary schooling and wants to be promoted to secondary school. Therefore pursue PSLE preparation online.

Teaching forms have changed and are changing rapidly around the globe with the advancement of science. There are many differences between traditional classroom teaching and online teaching other than the medium. Therefore one must abreast themselves with increasingly sophisticated online teaching tools.

Here are a few methods for PSLE Preparation Online.

  1. Presentation: Just like offline PowerPoint presentations online presentations are also present. Here the tutor teaches students with images and videos for ease of understanding. Students can again go back and revise the slides. Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, SlideShare are few tools to prepare a presentation. Video conferencing tools like Zoom or Google meet make the online presentation more effective. 
  1. Online Whiteboard: It replicates the same environment in the classroom while doing PSLE preparation online. Here there is an infinite canvas where students can draw any number of diagrams, charts from their shape libraries, pre-made templates, typing, sketching, and many other options. These platforms can help to carry out assignments, helps in mind mapping, brainstorming lessons, and check homework. 
  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI has been used for PSLE preparation online. This helps in student’s preparations to be more specific, understands the strengths and weaknesses of each student, and prepares study materials and mock questions accordingly. An online institution like Explico uses such platforms. They assess the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate and then dedicated professional tutors will guide them to excel in PSLE. To read more about their courses and understand their procedure better one needs to visit the website
  1. Game-Based Learning: This process helps in engaging students and drive their attention. Their involvement increases and anxiety decreases by this method. All types of students especially the weaker ones get benefitted from this process of education. 
  1. Flipped Classroom: One of the most popular teaching methods these days is flipped classrooms. The process is just the opposite of traditional classroom coaching. The format in usual class teaching is that students come to know about that day’s topic of teaching only after the teacher teaches them, whereas in flipped classroom class material will be provided before the actual class starts. The student needs to go through the topic and report to class and participate in the topic based discussion, debate, a quiz with their tutor. This PSLE preparation online method helps in a more interactive session with teacher and student. It is a more diversified learning environment with a deep understanding of the subject.
  1. Mind Mapping: Last but not least mind mapping. It is a process where thoughts are brainstormed easily without much confusion. It is like a diagram that represents tasks, words, concepts. These type of methods helps students to retain information better and also understands the subject effectively. It is done by teaching with the help of images and colorful diagrams, sharing hand out charts that were taught online, making classes more creative. This PSLE preparation online method helps students to connect dots and reach the central idea. 

With so many methods of online preparation for PSLE, both parents and student needs to choose the best suited for them according to their needs, their strength and weaknesses.  



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