Science is one of the most important subjects in our education system. It is also one of the trickiest as well as interesting subjects. But with best PSLE science tuition classes and proper guidance, a child can score well in the paper.

Here are some useful tips to help students score well in PSLE Science :

Know the Science Paper Format

There are two parts in the PSLE Science Paper namely Booklet A and B. Booklet A  consists of 56 Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) whereas Booklet B is a more challenging segment with another 44 marks. The questions in Booklet B are open-ended type.  In MCQ the answer is present within the options but in Booklet B, the child needs to think the answer before writing. Therefore a student should have multiple revisions to gain confidence in answering Booklet B questions. It is very important in a parent’s part to develop their child’s thinking ability and make them join the best PSLE science tuition.

Number of Marks

It is said that in every competitive paper candidate should answer questions in a smart way. Writing unnecessary lengths does not guarantee good marks. For a question which has 1 mark for its answer, no matter how many pages one fills, the examiner will not give more than 1 mark. Try to avoid adding irrelevant sentences to the answers.

Therefore during revisions child should be taught about answering the question according to the marks, this is especially applicable for Booklet B of PSLE science paper.

Practice Makes Perfect 

Science is a subject which requires regular training. To master in both forms of Booklets plenty of practice and revisions are required. The best way of doing so is solving previous years PSLE Science papers and important questions discussed on best PSLE science tuitions. Even the school’s science papers are good for practice.

Revise Thoroughly                           

It is very easy for a child to fall into the trap of answering a question only after reading the few keywords of it without thoroughly reading the question. There are often hidden words within the question which changes the whole meaning of what is asked. Therefore the child must go through the question twice, understand what is expected from them to answer before attempting it. In Booklet B lengthy answers are expected therefore before going to the next question one must revise the previous answer and when satisfied with the answer then jump to the next question.

Whereas in Booklet A which has multiple choice questions, there will be answers which spell and sound like similar to other options. So, here too reading the question attentively is a must to avoid any errors.  One must ensure that their child does not get into this tricky question maze and always be on alert while writing the answers.

Science is a Concept Based Subject

Science is not comparable to any other subjects. It is a concept based subject, therefore memorising it will not be helpful for any candidate. Blindly studying science without understanding the concept is as good as not studying, because on the day of exam one will be blank where critical thinking is required. Learning by heart the science lesson in PSLE is not recommended but in turn, one should apply the knowledge they have gained in schools and on best PSLE science tuition in answering the PSLE Science previous year or mock examinations.

There will be enough pictures, graphs, tables in science lessons where one can use them as a clue at the time of writing PSLE science.

It is a very good idea to invest in the best PSLE science tuition where students will get expert help in understanding the complex and confusing terms of science. Explico, an online-based learning platform, offers best PSLE science tuition with an intelligent learning approach. To read more about them visit the website of Explico.

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