Entrepreneurs play an important role in any economy. They use their skills to anticipate needs and bring new ideas to the market. Entrepreneurship proves to be successful in taking on the risks of creating a new company. The entrepreneurship courses encourage the aspirants to have a creative and entrepreneurial mindset that can benefit them regardless of their role in the business. You can learn how to create a start-up company or develop entrepreneurial skills to grow your family business.

All about Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII)

The Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India is an autonomous and not-for-profit institute that was initiated in the year 1983. The majestic and sprawling EDII campus is spread across 23 acres of land provided by the Government of Gujarat. They offer PGDM courses, which are two-year full-time programs especially, designed for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial managers to encourage lateral thinking, nurture ambition and enable new ventures through practical learning experiences.

The Role of EDII

Honing your skills

There is no specific demographic profile needed to launch a successful venture. Anyone can succeed as an entrepreneur if they possess certain skills like confidence, networking, strategic thinking skills, financial literacy, and so on. EDII helps the students to learn and hone these skills. We help you identify gaps in your knowledge and develop the skills required to fill them.

Expand your entrepreneurial toolbox

Our faculty members help the students to expand and enhance their knowledge about being successful entrepreneurs. It needs a mix of knowledge, strategy, discipline, experience, and much more. Completing PGDM in entrepreneurship and learning ways to innovate can help in developing different ways to solve problems and gain insights on the ways to navigate the path to success from ideation to market adoption.

Get more opportunities for personal and professional growth

Being an entrepreneur enables one to learn in a holistic manner. Entrepreneurship course helps one to develop the skills of adding value to customers in the form of products and services. As compared to other careers, entrepreneurship renders different opportunities to advance in your career. There is no disadvantage to follow what you are passionate about. With proper vision, planning, and execution, a lot of patience, and faith in yourself you can also turn your dreams into reality.

Supports research and development

New products and services have to be researched and tested before they are launched in the market. This encourages research, inventing new ideas, and development in the economy. EDII is committed to promoting research in the field. They have a strong tradition of theoretical and applied, in-house and sponsored research.

Learn from the experience of others

Studying entrepreneurship and innovation is not about sharpening your skills. It is also about building your network and support system. Taking a course enables you to meet like-minded professionals you can rely on for guidance when you launch your new company. The faculty members share different experiences, which help you understand the whole concept of starting a business. The best practices you will learn from the industry experts are not available in the textbooks.

Wrapping Up

Expand both your tactical thinking and the skills to bring your greatest ideas to execution. Whether your goal is to launch your own venture or apply different skills in a corporation, non-profit, or public organization, you will emerge ready to confidently lead and make a lasting impact. The PGDM in Entrepreneurship offers an innovative milestone-based learning initiative whereby everyone can build his or her new company step-by-step while studying at EDII itself. The course aims towards developing entrepreneurial skills and thinking frames for the students who lead sustainable economic, social, and environmental projects in their future professions.


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