Scholarships are a way to reward a student’s academic achievement and educational programs. Doesn’t matter you are starting your career or you are studying in high school, receiving a scholarship can be a big achievement. Scholarships are generally appealing to young candidates who want to study in the university. In addition, taking a scholarship can open the way to different educational centers as well as employment opportunities. Sanskriti University is one of the best universities that offer a wide range of scholarship programs for students who want to achieve success in their life.

Scholarships program available at the Sanskriti University:

The University offers admission scholarships to meritorious students based on marks or CGPA which was obtained by them in the competitive examination. The university provides scholarships for MBA students, BA LLB Hons. Students, B.Com LLB Hons. Students, B. Tech. students, M. Tech students and so on. They also provide scholarships under different quotas such as sports, defense, girls, the existing students, covid-19 Warriors, physically disabled and aptitude test. At one time, they only offer scholarship scheme to the applicant for admission. It is important for the students to maintain a minimum performance according to the university without any back papers to avail the continuation of the scholarship. The academic performance of the student would be the sole criterion for the continuation of the scholarship and it may change every academic year. The scholarships are awarded on tuition fees only but if any student gets a scholarship internally at the university level then he or she will not be allowed to avail any kind of scholarship from either the State government or the central government. The university also reserves the right to change or withdraw the scholarship schemes on year-to-year basis.

Rankings and award

When it comes to rankings and awards, Sanskriti University has surprised us by getting so much recognition. Outlook has presented the school 6th rank in UP as the School of Management and Commerce among the top 124 private BBA colleges. This university has also been ranked 5th as a school of engineering and information technology in UP among 110 top private Engineering Colleges. Outlook has also ranked this college 9th in UP among top private MBA institutions and 30th in top 50 private state universities. India Today group has also ranked Sanskriti School of Tourism and Hospitality as 1st in private colleges in Uttar Pradesh and 6th as Sanskriti School of Engineering and information technology in private colleges, Uttar Pradesh and 5th as Sanskriti School of Management and commerce in private colleges Uttar Pradesh. School of Management and Commerce ranks among the top 10 private B schools in Uttar Pradesh by Business today. This university was ranked 1st in most promising universities in Engineering and Management in India by Jagran Josh. Times of India has also appreciated the school and ranked it as second as emerging engineering institutes’ research capability and ranked at 4th in all India survey for emerging engineering and BBA institution in India. Other than these, the week Asha Cham India and Hindustan Shiksha Shikhar Samman has also ranked and awarded this university.


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