Science vs Commerce: Introduction

Every 10th grader student has to decide whether they want to study science or commerce for their future endeavours. A wave of advice, suggestions on both the streams put them in a confusing state. The confusion between which one is better science or commerce, many students are unable to reach the right decision.

If we define both the streams then, science is an experiment and observation-based study on space, earth, and behaviour of the physical and natural world. On the other hand, commerce is a study of the world’s economic, banking, and financial dealings or policies. Both the streams lead to a successful career if you are suitable for it. 

That’s why here, we will discuss Science VS Commerce in an evolved way so that it helps students to understand which stream to choose after their 10th.

Science vs Commerce: The Subject of Interest

First of all, every student should ask themselves which subjects they are interested in and what to study. Before making any rash decisions, students can take career tests before choosing their stream. The career tests take two-three minutes as it mainly consists of multiple-choice based questions. Based on your answers, the test will generate subjects that can be suitable for you.

The test will give you some transparency on which subjects interest you the most. Some of the best junior colleges in Mumbai for commerce and the best junior colleges in Mumbai for science provide career counselling to students for better understanding. The tests and career counselling even provide precise information on different job opportunities of various subjects that will help students a lot for their decisions.  

Know Both the Stream Properly

After you get the subjects, dig in for more information about the subject or course. Many students regret their decisions after taking science or commerce based on half the information. Students can study science in some of the best junior colleges or schools to be successful in their career fields. Before taking up a subject, it is essential to know their concepts precisely. 

Check out whether all the topics or course curriculum attracts your attention or not. The more time you spend on research, the more right choice you will make. Many people argue about Science VS Commerce, but a trusted senior can give more accurate information on these matters. Best junior colleges in Mumbai for commerce offer the course to interested commerce applicants.

Advantages of Studying Science and Commerce:

All the business industry demands commerce students. Even the management sectors need commerce students to perform their jobs. 

Benefits of Studying Commerce:

Based on commerce, students can pursue courses like:

  • Bachelor’s in Commerce
  • Bachelor in business administration
  • Bachelor in management studies
  • Economics honors
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Bachelors of Mass media,
  • Bachelor of Journalism
  •  Bachelor of design

More knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) and business process outsourcing(BPO) prefer applicants from commerce backgrounds. Students should opt for the best junior colleges in Mumbai or anywhere in India that equip aspirants with the skills to become efficient professionals. 

Benefits of Studying Science:

Science is one of the most preferred subjects in our country. If you have an interest in engineering or the medical field, then studying science is essential. But science does not only consist of engineering or medical course students can also pursue many other subjects like:

  • B.E in Biotechnology
  • B.Tech aka industrial technology.
  • Science in Zoology
  • B.Sc in Animal Biotechnology and Zoology
  • B.Sc in Forensic Science
  • Computer Science Engineering

In science, students can work as software engineers, coding specialists, and analysts too. The best junior colleges in Mumbai for science have all the infrastructure and faculty for science students at their best.


We have discussed as much as we can about Science VS commerce and what to study after class 10. Students must always go for the stream that interests them.

Many institutions are owned and run by RSET. Some of the junior colleges in Mumbai for both science and commerce subjects are part of their educational projects too. Students can visit the website for detailed information.  

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