Law is a social or governmental system rule described as the art of justice. Law provides a source of inquiry into philosophy, economic analysis, legal history, and sociology and raises complex and important issues concerned with justice, equality, and fairness.

If you want to learn about this “matter alongside debate,” you first have to join a law college. BBA LLB (Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Law) is an entire five-year program that provides knowledge about business management with legislative Law. The curriculum of BBA LLB includes vast areas of study like business management, commerce, political science, economics, Law, etc. 

Bangalore, a city of rich heritage, has various colleges that provide courses in multiple areas of study. The global market opens many doors for BBA LLB graduates with rising demand. Now, Law is another popular field that attracts many.

Do you want to pursue a master’s or bachelor’s degree like BBA LLB in Bangalore? Or are you wondering how to become an advocate? Just read the article carefully. 

Scope of Pursuing BBA LLB

BBA LLB degree holders have a high demand in both the private and public sectors. Leading an enterprise’s business requires legal services. Hence these graduates can join or get employed in various economic sectors, including management, administration, industrial sector, and banking related to Law and judiciary.

The scope of this unique course is expanding, and it is advised to keep updating yourself with the industry’s current trends.

Career Opportunities of Pursuing BBA LLB

Every day a new start-up company opens up, offering business opportunities and employment to those who can apply knowledge of both Law and business to provide solutions. Students who complete BBA LLB degrees have a lot of employment opportunities. Some of the diverse areas of options for a BBA LLB degree holder are as follows:

1: Business Consultant

Today Businesses need professionals who can determine potential opportunities, study the market, suggest solutions, risks, business expansion strategies, etc. And the professionals who can fulfill these criteria are called business consultants. You can get a job as a business consultant in the corporate world with a BBA LLB degree. The primary job of this candidate is to advise business organizations on legal matters. 

2: Lawyer

BBA LLB degree also lets you practice Law and enter the judiciary system. Using the combined knowledge about the current market trends and Law, professionals can investigate the facts, send legal notices, defend their clients in the legal framework, review documents through negotiations, conduct settlement of a case, and compromises.

3. Law Reporter

If you love media, you can try to become a law reporter at one of the media houses, and you must have to join one of the top BBA LLB colleges in Bangalore.

4: Human Resource Manager

This post needs vast knowledge about company policies, legal frameworks, business management, etc. BBA LLB graduates can fit perfectly to apply for this job.

5: Law Compilation Officer

This Compilation Officer or Manager ensures an organization’s smooth functioning legally and meets the organization’s goals while accepting these rules; they design the company policies, identify market risks, create an internal control framework, evaluate business activities, and ensure compliance with policies, etc. 

Apart from these, you can explore more job opportunities like-

  • Government Attorney
  • Banking Ombudsman
  • Trademark and copyright attorney
  • Assistant Magistrate
  • Assistant Public Prosecutor
  • Finance Manager
  • Management Accountant
  • Deputy Legal Advisor
  • Law Officer & Management Accountants
  • Notary

If you want to get admission into any law college, you can take your first step through the Ramaiah Institute of Legal Studies (RILS Bangalore). It is one of the best colleges for BBA LLB in Bangalore.


BBA LLB is a unique field with various opportunities for a rewarding career. While Bangalore’s law colleges facilitate excellent education to students, there are better opportunities available for prospective law students at universities abroad.


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