Are you looking forward to getting admission reputed university or B-School? Getting admission into a premium institute is more like an art. Though colleges consider entrance test scores, undergraduate grades, and other factors when giving admissions, you also need to take care of certain factors when seeking admission. You can easily secure your entry into a world-class institute by following some tricks and tips featured here.

Tips to ensure admission to a reputed business school

Besides choosing the right specialization and carefully examining the business school in Hyderabad, there are other factors to keep in mind for admission. Listed below are some tips for your help:

Shortlist the potential institute options

Create a list of the universities and B-Schools to which you wish to get admission. The list should have at least 5 institutions in option according to your budget, location, preferred course, and other crucial determining factors.

Research the institutes and collect all important details

After creating a list of dream business schools, research every shortlisted option to learn about major aspects like infrastructure, educational qualification of the faculty, a course offered, a breakdown of the fee structure, and more. Plus, find out which entrance exam the college accepts for admissions and what is the average score requirement.

Pursue extracurricular activities to enhance your profile

If you have 6 months or more in hand, work on upgrading your profile by pursuing the extracurricular activities that interest you. Employed individuals can volunteer for community work or non-profit to enhance their profile.

Arrange the resources needed during the admission process

Find out about the resources required to prepare for the entrance exam. Arrange all the resources to be available whenever needed during your preparation process. Collect all the books and study materials before your exam to ensure smooth preparation.

Evaluate your performance regularly

Time-to-time evaluation is important, especially when preparing for personal interviews and written tests. The best way to assess your preparation level is by regularly attempting mock tests.

Work hard on your essay-writing capabilities

An essay section is featured in almost every entrance test conducted for admissions in business schools. Hence, it is important to work on your essay-writing skills. Get recommendations from a qualified expert who is eligible to comment on your skills and guide you through the process.

Focus on the skills considered for evaluation by the institutes

Business schools evaluate the skills and qualities of the aspirants based on specific parameters, including intellectual aptitude, leadership qualities, and interpersonal skills. Focus on enhancing your overall personality as it will reflect your dislikes and likes, your beliefs, your source of motivation, and many other traits. Generally, B-schools ask essay questions to gauge the applicants’ ambitions, personal traits, maturity level, and ethics.

Create a professional resume with relevant info

Reputed business schools see a leader in all their students who can carry forward the legacy and brand image of the institute. Your essay questions and resume (for employed individuals) help them learn about the person’s leadership potential. Mention your team management skills, conflict-resolving capabilities, and leadership potential in the resume. It will give you an edge during the interview round of the admission process.

When looking for a business school, it is important to check the rate of return. Determine whether or not it’s a viable option to pursue the course from that institute. Make sure to consider the total expenses of the program you are looking forward to studying at the business school. Besides, the fees consider the lodging and boarding expenses, security deposits, and other expenses to make the right decision.


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