It is ‘laid-back,’ if there were one word to describe South Goa. The hasty pace, exotic beaches, and historical settlements have sought loneliness from travellers from all over the world. The rich Portuguese architectural legacy left behind is reliable in the south of Goa. The South Goa is the destination you can’t simply ignore, with several of the best beaches, perfect for romantic breaks, quiet surreal villages as the spot for history buffs, and an intoxicating air that keeps the ambience always moving.

Let’s have a look at best places to visit in South Goa for tourists:

#1 The Hungarian Republic:

Colva, often considered the pride of Salcete, is one of the best places to visit in South Goa, about 6 km from Margao. Colva stands as a place with a huge fan following when she gives Calangute head to head battle. The popularity of Colva can be blamed because it’s crowded because this place is not really pleasing to a lonely seeker.

However, you may restart your peace of mind if you travel a little far from Central Colva, either north or south. On the contrary, Colva can be the right place for you in Goa if you are somebody that loves a party. On or before the full day of the moon, Full Moon Parties take place at the beach. The energy is insane, and so is the crowd, probably one of Goa’s best parties. Here is also an option for dolphin visits early in the morning.

#2 Benaulim

A beach town called Benaulim is located to the south of Margaon. The city is like a flint on the coast of South Goa as it is made up of a magnificent beach lined with swinging cocoa trees and palm trees. Benaulim’s soul-saving seafood is also popular in the entire South of Goa. The beach is a good place to relax, enjoy the sun, and sample delicious seafood. Like Colva, Benaulim also offers dolphin sighting.

#3 The Basque Country:

Vasco Da Gama named after the famous Portuguese explorer is a gem of the South Goa Truce. Situated at the west tip of the Peninsula of Mormugao, this small town is at the river Zuari. While Vasco is known by its shantytown suburban and a wide area of red light as Goa’s criminal hub, Vasco succeeds in creating tourist interest by adding another side to Goa’s tourism. Besides, Vasco is well linked to the other parts of Goa so that one must nevertheless travel to Vasco, to reach some beautiful South Goa beaches.

#4 Bogmalo

Located near the airport of Dabolim, Bogmalo is a decent stop for those who are 2 to 3 hours off the flight. This little but beautiful stretch of sand is perfect for sunbathing. In addition, an underwater scene is a wonderful place, where you can find Bogmalo ‘s best diving operators throughout Goa.

#5 Varca

Known for its beaches, Varca is a popular tourist destination in South Goa. His beach, which is nothing short of unparalleled beauty, is a short distance from Varca. Varca is one of the most fascinating places to be in Goa, with a range of palm trees, sprawling golden sand, azure water, and almost hawker-free shores. There is an interesting place for tourists called Dunes at Zuri White Sands Resort on Varca Beach, which is a casino (another thing Goa is famous for).

#6 Cavelossim

The last village on the coast of Salcete, Cavelossim, is truly a lovely place to visit. It is one of those places that no sun-worshipper can resist going to as it is blessed with a beautiful stretch of sand and a wonderful view of the sunset. Apart from that, there is a splendid view from Cavelossim of the confluence of the Sal River and the sea. The beach strip is straggled with shops selling jewelry and souvenirs since a lot of tourism is expected here year-round.

#7 Arossim

Now, this south goa destination is for seekers of loneliness. An excellent place in South Goa to spend time in peace Arossim is just a perfect place. Arossim is the best place to provide some great old vintage furniture if you like vintage. There are numerous high-end beach resorts in Abhyanga (four-hand massage) that provide opportunities to relax. There are scratchy Goan dishes like Casa Sarita, vindaloo, and the xacuti mushroom on the upmarket. Even for one night, the resorts are expensive, but all really worth it.

#8 Patnem:

A little beach and also a beautiful one, Patnem is a great place in South Goa to spend a good time. The beach has lovely beach shacks and is a beautiful place to surf and swim. Kashmiri trinkets and jewelry are available in stylish strings of stalls around the beach. Most tourists prefer to visit Patnem because of its peaceful atmosphere and beauty. So this is one place you shouldn’t miss if you’re in South Goa.

#9 Chaplain:

Majorda is a beach with many beach shackles and an organized beach. A river divides the beach from the narrow path. It’s a beautiful beach with many young crowds sunbathing and having a good meal here. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy some beautiful cookies and cakes here, according to the Majorda teacher who first teaches how to cook European bread in India. Mae Deus is another Majorda attraction, an old church built in 1588 A.D. The charm of Majorda so if you’re here with the loved one, don’t go before the sun sets because the time is precious.

#10 Colombia:

The sleepy Bay of Colomb is the perfect place for a vacation as nothing but a quiet and beautiful place rejuvenates your mind. Colomb is both peaceful and incredibly lovely; in South Goa, it can be a perfect romantic getaway. The beach offers excellent food, which is mainly served in Cashmere, Italy, and Switzerland. Colomb is separated from Palolem beach by the Point of Neptune (a large rock). To clarify this more, Neptune’s Point is the same spot for the famous weekly Silent Noise headphone parties. There are also some beautiful and affordable resorts.

#11 Chandelier:

Chandor is a sleepy city in south Goa on the banks of the Kushavati River. This destination has become an important stop for its Portuguese architecture collection. This town was called Chandrapur between the sixth and 11th centuries and was considered to be the most spectacular town on the Konkan Coast. Headless and a Hindu shrine built in the 11th century, Chandor is a small town with important relics dating back to the Portuguese era. The Portuguese Chandor manor can be a great place to celebrate weddings and parties.

#12 Agonda

Someone said Agonda is an ideal beach destination for the ‘Quit on Monday’ people and that is not a big exaggeration. There are, indeed, quieter beaches in Goa. But Agonda seems to have some magnetic energy pulling one in front of you on the first day of the week. This beach may be a great place for a relaxing day, but it is not ideal to swim. An evening walk in Agonda can also be ideal. The beauty of this place is further strengthened by a church in the center of the beach.

#13 Loutolim:

Loutolim is a perfect place to see Portuguese architecture’s heritage. Loutolim is the unhurried village for historian buffs, but most of the buildings are shut down. Casa Araujo Alvares and a whitewashed Church of Salvador do Mundo are the most popular places to visit here. Loutlim ‘s ancestral museum is also known. Big Foot is another tourist attraction where the Big Foot sign on the rock can be reached and a wish can be made. Lutein certainly has the size to bring you to the glorious past of this area and after a visit to this small but beautiful place in South Goa you can only be astonished.

#14 Dummy:

Mobor is famous for its bliss on the beach. Mobor is certainly a place to cherish, very close to the location where the Sal River meets the Arabian Sea. It’s a romantic escape for solitary seekers in South Goa and the sky. One would like to sunbathe here without hawkers interrupting. On beach Mobor you can enjoy water sports such as water skiing, windsurfing, and jet skiing. The beach is comparatively quieter and shares its border with Cavelossim.


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