Many individuals do not know much about Data Analytics. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re also unsure of what data analytics is and how it’s utilized. Data analytics utilizes qualitative and quantitative approaches and procedures to boost productivity and commercial advantage for a business. To discover and analyze behavioral data, data is extracted, recognized, and bifurcated by data analysts. To provide a response to a query or address an issue, a data analyst gathers, purifies, and analyses data sets. They work in a variety of fields, including government, business, finance, law enforcement, and science.

Beginner Data Analytics Courses: Certificate Programs
Data Analytics certificate program is an option for those who have recently finished their 10+2. These courses can be taken offline or online. In comparison to traditional UG courses, beginner-level Data Analytics certificate programs may be completed quickly.

Top institute offering Data Analytics course online with placements:

  1. AnalytixLabs: A variety of Data Analytics Courses are available at Analytixlabs. It provides applicants without prior experience in data analytics engaging learning that is focused on the job market. Business Analytics 360 course by Analytixlabs includes both add-on courses for data analytics as well as all of the core modules. Once the course is completed, the certification is issued by Analytixlabs.
  1. IMS Preschool: IMS Preschool has been in operation since 1977. It supports young people in developing their careers and shaping a bright future by providing them with the appropriate advice and inspiration. Statistical approaches, Predictive analysis, Regression techniques, and Machine learning modules are all included in the course. There are certain outstanding aspects of the institutions that will entice you to enroll there so you may take advantage of the active learning style and receive training from subject-matter specialists.
  1. Manipal Global Skills Academy (MGSA): Manipal Global Skills Academy, a data analytics institute in Bangalore, is India’s foremost job-focused training and placement organization, empowering the next generation of engineers and changing lives. With job placement and training programs that apply to the workplace in the areas of Data Analytics, Salesforce, Full Stack Development, JAVA, and related competencies, MGSA fills the skills gap between university and industry.

MGSA’s programs provide freshmen and early professionals with full placement certainty before the job training, experienced faculty lectures, live role-play learning, capstone projects, and core work skills to bridge this gap. It is among the top data analytics courses with a job guarantee.

  1. Inventateq: The institution is renowned for offering top courses in data analytics, called Analytics of Business Data. The fact that this course is placement-oriented for its students is its finest feature. Business Data Analytics with Python Specialization, Business Data Analytics with R Programming and SAS, Artificial Intelligence Course, Machine Learning Course, Neural Networks and Deep Learning, etc. are the course modules with the pertinent technologies. The industry-driven comprehensive curriculum, in-person machine contact, real-world projects and case studies, and most importantly, perpetual access to study materials and videos, will all be provided for you.
  1. NIIT: A very long-running online college, NIIT offers several career-focused courses from a technological perspective. Additionally, it provides the top training in data analytics. Its course in Excel and Power BI Data Analysis and Visualization is highly valued in the industry. NIIT offers its special curriculum and study guides to learners. Industry-experienced faculty teach the courses. You are given the opportunity to improve your learning and have an impact by using hands-on tools alongside the course. Following completion of the course, the student receives a certificate in data analysis.

Improve your analytical capabilities
The demand for data analytics courses is growing rapidly. Data analysis is for students, recent graduates, and working professionals who want to improve their production abilities and analytics skills. Learning data analytics will ensure that you have the best work possibilities. It had a larger focus on several industries and multinational corporations as well. IT, retail, banking, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, healthcare, FMCG, media, and sports are a few examples of industries with use for analytics.

Manipal Global Skill Academy (MGSA) is one of the best data analytics universities in Bangalore. In addition to meeting all of your basic needs, Manipal Global Skill Academy offers a data analytics education that comes with a job guarantee.


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