D Y Patil International University – DYPIU is a well-established university in Pune. It is chosen by thousands of students to get their MBA degree. The admission procedure consists of clearing an all India level MBA entrance exam and a personal interview following that exam. You can visit the website of the University for More Information. The university provides specializations in different fields and students can apply now who wish to get their Master’s degree. 

Find out about the popular specializations offered by the DYPIU:

  1. MBA in Supply Chain Management

In Supply Chain Management specialization, one learns about the different aspects of the business which mostly include planning and creating the projects, production methodology, logistic support, distribution of product, costing, and then reviewing. When you wish to work in the retail sector, then supply chain management is what you should study.

DYPIU teach students to not just learn and understand the theoretical concepts but the internship provided to all the students helps them to learn about the situation and challenges at the workplace. This degree prepares the students for their dream job. Here are assignments and projects that the students have to complete individually and in a group. This helps them to take responsibility to work alone and also be part of a team.

  • MBA in Digital Business

The MBA in digital business is for students who consider themselves tech-savvy. If you love to work for the digital business sector then definitely get this degree. There are many reasons one can go for this degree like the technology is becoming prevalent in every sector of the world, AI is fascinating and helpful for businesses, digitalization has been helping businesses immensely to grow and develop, and many more reasons. The program at DYPIU teaches the students to integrate management by providing solutions that are practical oriented and create digitally evolved business models. So digital business has a lot of scope for the newcomers.

  • MBA in Agri-Business

If someone is passionate about agriculture and farming then this specialization can add a lot of value to your skills. The program includes subjects like innovative technology in farming, global trends, agriculture production, resource management, conservation of crops, and much more. The students learn a lot about the worldwide traditions and trends in agriculture.

If your aim is to get a degree that is focused on agriculture then you must join this program at DYPIU as it includes the management, production, finance, and other aspects of the agriculture sector. After the program is finished, the students get an opportunity to participate in campus placement interviews. So, the degree from DYPIU not just helps to attain knowledge and experience but also helps the students to get a job.

The admissions are open in the university and you can apply now to secure a seat for a program of your choice. The DYPIU is full of perfectionist staff and with its history in excellence; you are bound to emerge as a successful career-oriented person after getting the MBA from this university.


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