The basis of sports education or physical education begins in school. Sports or physical education is an education program and model designed to deliver physical education programs at the primary, middle, and secondary school levels. It aims to offer children and young people an authentic and enjoyable sporting experience. Sports or physical education always complements academic learning because it significantly develops and builds the overall personality of the students in Gujarat.

Over time, we find that most schools of Gujarat are aware that education is not only academic but extends to the holistic development and building of the child and that sport and physical education plays a vital role in a student’s life.

Some of the School of Sports Studies in Ahmedabad are:

The Riverside School, Ahmedabad: The school focuses on individual excellence through counseling and one-on-one interactive sessions with students and parents. They organize regular reviews and reviews, conferences with students, interactions between friends, meetings with individual parents, partnerships with parents, and the accommodation of exploration centers, learning centers, and masterclasses. They also have a sports session for the students for extracurricular activities inside the school.

Transstadia institute: The Transstadia Foundation for Education and Research is a private company incorporated on December 03, 2019. It is classified as a non-governmental company and is registered in the Ahmedabad Business Register. The School of Sports Studies in Gujarat also plans different sports activities each year.

Eklavya School, Ahmedabad: The teaching process includes learning through overhead projectors, magazines, periodicals in libraries, educational tours, hands-on experiences, expert lectures, and interactive workshops for mothers. Extracurricular and academic clubs include math, science, nature, book, public speaking, Sanskrit shloka singing, Hindi poetry, coin collection, wasted wealth club, and creative writing. Extracurricular activities include Compulsory sports and games: hockey, table tennis, Kho-Kho, kabaddi, basketball, badminton, gymnastics, soccer, hopscotch, athletics, skating, etc. Inter-house competitions during the Annual Sports Day Summer training camp for football and tennis.

Calorx Olive International School, Ahmedabad: The Calorx Olive International School covers 10 acres and follows the learning style of the Gurukul School. The campus comprises four separate buildings: the administrative block, the primary block, the secondary block, and the Jnr. College block has a sports club near it. Those are well designed and temperature controlled. Classrooms are spacious, and each student has access to an individual locker alongside a resource, reading, art, and math corner. An available white screen is used for audio-visual aids in addition to a computer and wireless internet. Indoor games: table tennis, board games, outdoor martial arts games – climbing, abseiling, obstacle course, skating, basketball.

Mahatma Gandhi International School, Ahmedabad: Mahatma Gandhi International School, Ahmedabad is the best school in Gujarat; it offers students a wide range of university studies and extracurricular activities. MGIS encourages its students and faculty to participate in the learning and teaching process beyond the classroom. Facilitates both the outdoors and outdoors, such as indoor games including Japanese martial arts, literary and cultural events, international exchange programs, and community service. The school also offers Hindi and French as a second language in the diploma program.

DPS, Bopal, Ahmedabad: DPS, Bopal campus spans 13 acres. The school offers education to students from LKG to 12th grade. The unique feature that adds to the school’s vast campus has a separate sports academy. Its Green School Drive includes activities such as DPS, Bhopal’s curriculum includes innovative activities that help instill modern skills. They also perform various sports activities for the students. Active learning strategies such as De Bono’s thinking hats and STEM help students think critically. The school also has collaborative learning methods, which include the international outreach program.

A good athlete learns to accept the order from the rules of the game. Sport instills leadership, discipline, sharing, teamwork, honesty, team spirit, tolerance of students at the school level, and more between students.


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