Do you wish a good future for your child? Everyone does and thus the parent needs to send their children in the top-notch schools. The convent schools with success-oriented education programs are one of the best and make sure that the children are well-groomed from the early years. Many such top convent schools in Chandigarh offer quality education to the children. 

Convent Schools in Chandigarh
Convent Schools in Chandigarh

Let’s read about the best & top convent schools in Chandigarh where you can get your child enrolled:

Brookfield International School

Brookfield International School is among the best schools in Chandigarh as the school has always offered the students a high-quality education. Since its inception, the school has garnered a strong reputation by providing the student with an excellent education. The school has emerged as one of the best international schools in the country by focusing on the holistic development of the students. The school is strategically located 20 km away from Chandigarh to keep the students from the hustle-bustle of the city and enjoy the greenery and fresh air. The school is well known for bringing the next generation with smart education. 

Bhavan Vidyalaya, Chandigarh

Bhavan Vidyalaya school is located in Sector-27, Chandigarh and it is a co-educational school that offers quality education to the classes from nursery to class 12th. The school was founded in the year 1983 but at that time they used to provide education to class 6th to 12th. In the year 1990, the schools added their junior school which is located in Sector-33 Chandigarh. Bhavan Vidyalaya aims towards the overall development of the child. It has its branches all over the country and thus they believe in shaping the future of the children in the best possible way. 

Delhi Public School 

Delhi Public School is a well-known education institution and it has its branches all over the country. This school is affiliated with CBSE and it was established in the year 2003. The school offers all the modern amenities that students need in his or her development. The amenities offered in this school include sports complexes, lawn tennis clay courts, fully equipped science labs and so on. There is an appealing play area for the little ones too. 

St. Kabir Public School

St. Kabir Public School was established in the year 1974 and it is managed by the Kabir Educational Society. The school is well known for providing quality education and it offers education to the classes from nursery to class XII. It has a huge five-acre campus with all the modern amenities. The school ensures that it teaches the students basic interpersonal skills as well as human values. On the campus, you will find many well-behaved and elegant children. There is a wide range of amenities provided to the children which include library, language and math labs, science labs, computer labs, playground, play area for juniors and indoor games facility. 
So, these are some of the top convent schools in Chandigarh where you can enroll your kids. These schools offer high-quality education to children. Visit the website of these schools to grab all the information about the admission procedure and more. 


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