Primary School Leaving Examination or PSLE is a big step in a child’s academic life. Therefore, a robust plan is needed before starting preparation and in order to easily clear PSLE Test Papers.

Below are the tested ways to successfully pass the PSLE Test Papers:

  1. Do Not Study When Tired

When a child tries to study with a sleepy eye than that is not going to be beneficial in anyway. He will not remember anything that he/she has studied with half-awake eyes. Moreover, this will cause a health issue for the kid due to deprived sleep. So this is the most basic concept to start with. Whenever a child feel sleepy let him sleep or take a power nap for 15 minutes, this will re-energise the tired brain.  Even if they are not sleepy but tired due to long study period then take a break for 30 minutes and do some light work like cleaning the study desk, school bag arrangement etc which will refresh child’s learning process.

2. Old Test Papers

Every PSLE aspirant should go through and solve previous years PSLE test papers. The benefit of reviewing and practising the previous year’s test papers can’t be stressed more. Going through old test papers will help you in figuring out the question patterns and will set you up for your next examination. When it comes to test papers, the student can also benefit themselves by creating their own test with the help of Explico, a unique online-based student assessment and learning platform. Explico uses artificial intelligence to deliver one-of-a-kind and exclusive modular learning experience that helps students to identify their weakness and strengths and provides an intelligent study approach. To read more about the online platform visit the website of Explico.

3.    Study Smart

One must remember that time dedicated to study a particular subject does not guarantee success. Success comes from the amount of attention and alertness of the mind at the time of study. Therefore instead of calculating time, measure the amount of focused study of your child. You can make your child more attentive by reducing the distractions around, for example, not to switch on the television or radio when your child studies, try to minimise commotions around the house, restrict relatives visits in this period. If none is possible then change the time of study to early morning hours or at late night when everyone is sleeping and distractions are pretty low.

4.    Set Target

Before setting target talk with your child about their dreams, aspirations and accordingly set the plan. This will encourage them to study harder and efficiently for PSLE test papers and they get to know that they have to work harder to achieve their goal.

5. Sleep

Sleep is an important part of a child’s development. Therefore one should not compromise with sleep ever. A child needs a minimum of 8-10 hours of sleep daily. In a sleep-deprived child, recalling and retaining information decreases substantially. Therefore in the process of making them study more, they are falling ill and also retaining less. So every healthy learning process demands adequate rest to the brain and body.

6.    Shorter Study Sessions

It has been proven that shorter sessions of study work better than long strenuous ones. Try not to let your child study more than 30-40 minutes at a stretch. Give a 10-15 minutes break. During this break let them drink ample amount of water, give them some nutritious food too. This helps your child in two ways, one that brain does not get tired, two body gets enough energy to continue for the next session. Learning process becomes more healthy with short study sessions.

7. Revisions are Must

When exam dates of PSLE are near then revisions are very much necessary. The environment must be peaceful without any distraction while studying for PSLE test papers. They should not be entertained for any other co-curricular activities in this short period.

8.    Understand and Analyse Mistakes

While solving old PSLE test papers the child must overcome the mistakes done and try to analyse the solution to them. Only if they analyse their mistake, they will be able to learn their lesson properly and will avoid a repeat.

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