Ph.D. is a prestigious degree that takes time to get completed and demands effort and patience from the student’s side but is worthwhile. Ph.D. has a lot of scope in different fields especially teaching and research and there is placement opportunity too. One can choose to do a Ph.D. at any point in life but there are several criteria one should follow to get admission to a university that will provide the Ph.D.

The following are the eligibility for admission that is required to pursue Ph.D. :

  1. Masters Degree: First, to pursue a Ph.D., a candidate should have a master’s degree. Now this degree can be in any subject of choice of the candidate. There is a minimum percentage required in the masters and an undergraduate degree. To apply for the Ph.D., this is the mandatory requirement that has to be fulfilled by the candidate.
  2. NET: National Eligibility Test is a test that is accepted by many major universities in India. If you are able to pass this national level test and score good marks in it, then you can easily get admission to most of the universities as this is a widely accepted test. So, after your masters, you can start preparing for this test. Some people also like to take coaching for the test. You can do that too if that’s what suits you.
  3. Interview: After you submit the test result to the university, they will put up a cut-off list in few days deciding if you are ready for the next round. You will get an interview letter and you will have to be present on the given date. You will be interviewed by scholars and if you pass the interview, you can get admission to the university. For interview preparation, we suggest the students work on their personality and communication skills. This helps them to get admission without many efforts.
  4. GATE: GATE is a test for those students who have completed their engineering. Since the syllabus of Ph.D. for these students would be different, the subjects would be different too so to analyze their skills, it has been mandatory for engineering students to go through the GATE test before they can apply for the Ph.D. program. This test helps the universities to decide which students deserve to get admission to the Ph.D. program.
  5. Different entrance tests: Other than NET and GATE, several universities like to conduct their exam where students can apply to take the test and get into the program. These tests are valid for just a few universities. So, if one is not able to crack NET or GATE then he shouldn’t lose hope as there are always options to get into the Ph.D. program.

Since Ph.D. is a program that requires lots of hard work on the part of the candidate, one should be mentally prepared to study a lot during the 4-5 year course in order to get the degree. There are many best universities for Ph.D. in Gujarat. You can visit the website and check them out.


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