The Project Management Professional, PMP certification is an ultimate qualification for project managers that allow professionals a scope through which they are able to embark upon a career that is rewarding and therefore open great opportunities for exposure that is great work building a great work portfolio.

Project management in itself is a great designation that offers a great way through which the candidates are able to understand the best practices that one can resort to while handling and managing projects that are complex in nature. It is through the Project management qualification that the professionals are able to come out as great project leaders and managers with all the desired qualities and competency across various fields that are a part of project development and management. 

Here, in this paper, we are going to look at the worth of getting certified with the project management professional certification and will also cover other PMP certification components that are related to it. So follow until the end and find out why PMP is still running as a most buzzing professional certification for the IT professionals. 

But before jumping directly on the worth of the Project management professional qualification let us first understand what exactly is PMP certification, what are the eligibility requirements and how one can get certified with the PMP credential through PMP training online.


What is Project Management Professional – PMP certification?

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a benchmark for the project managers across the globe as it is an internationally recognized credential that offers various opportunities and possibilities in the Project management field that can help in shaping the portfolios of the professionals that are involved in leading and directing projects of all sorts whether it be simple or complex. 

The PMP certification is offered by the Project Management institute that allows professionals to learn the basics and fundamentals associated with Project management. Project management professional certification focuses on developing a common understanding of the project management methodologies and the best practice that are utilized around the globe as far as project development is concerned. Through the PMP certification, the professionals are able to present a validation of their Project management skills that are going to help them in grabbing great opportunities across the globe. There are certain things that the PMP certification focuses on developing in an individual who is aspiring to get certified with the PMP certification.

Moreover, according to the statistics that are recorded every year, Project managers are able to grab great job opportunities in their respective fields which is why it is also regarded as the most sought-after certification. Project managers are the key players in the entire project development cycle and therefore they should be proficient and sound in the application of the processes and best practices that are pertaining to project management. 

For taking the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, the individuals need to meet the eligibility requirements that are formulated by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

The eligibility requirements for PMP Certification are as follows :

  • For the graduates, the minimum project management experience that is required in order to get certified with the Project management qualification is three years or 36 months. Apart from this the aspiring candidates also must have some experience with leading and directing projects. This experience for graduates needs to be 4500 hours.
  • In case if a candidate is not a graduate and has secondary degree qualification or any other globally accepted equivalent then they need to meet the minimum eligibility requirements that stand at five years of project management experience. Apart from that, the candidates need to have at least 7500 hours of experience as a leader or the director of the projects.
  • Apart from the work experience, an aspiring candidate must also have at least a collection of 35 professional development units that are required in order to take the Project Management Professional certification.
  • As far as the work experience is concerned, the candidates must have full time and recently acquired work experience. It should not be overlapping otherwise it will not be considered.

These are the major requirements that one needs to have in order to become a certified Project Manager. If you become eligible for taking the Project Management Professional certification, then you can follow the steps mentioned below to get started as a certified Project Manager.

  • First and foremost you must enroll for a PMP certification training that will cover all the essential topics pertaining to the PMP exam and qualification.
  • Then the individuals need to register for the PMP exam through the website of PMI.
  •  After registering for the examination, you must prepare for it and then take the exam on the scheduled date and time. You can take the Computer-based test. Anwer a total of 200 questions and must secure at least the passing grades for taking the PMP qualification.
  • After getting certified with the PMP certification the candidates must recertify themselves after every three years as the validity of the Project Management Professional qualification is three years only.

Why is PMP certification worth it?

The value of the Project Management Professional certification is best felt by those who get certified with the PMP qualification. There are certain provisions that are solely enjoyed by Project Managers. The benefits of taking the Project management qualification are as follows:

  • The Project management qualification validates your skills as a Project Manager. It acts as a badge of your achievements and also maximizes your employability rate.
  • Since the PMP certification is a globally accepted certification, certified individuals enjoy great scope and opportunities across the boundaries of several nations. They are eligible for jobs across the globe and can practice as Project managers across various streams. 
  • The Project management professional certification allows individuals to have great exposure in the project management field through which they are able to comprehend Project management methodologies, terminologies, best practices and principles. Along with this they also learn implementation of the same while dealing with complex and convoluted projects.

Avenues available for Project Managers:

  • Engineering Project Management 
  • Aerospace Project Management 
  • Pharmaceutical Project Management
  • Consulting Project Management
  • Resources Project Management

Get started with some exciting careers and begin your journey in the Project management field through the PMP certification training online.


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