List of Private Education Institutes in Singapore

The education industry is one of Singapore’s potential growth sectors and plays an important role in drawing and nurturing talent from around the world to transform Singapore into a world-renowned education hub. Today there are over 1,200 private education institutions in Singapore that offer a diverse mix of high-quality education services, making Singapore a trusted brand name in this field. Apart from academic education, there has also been a recent rise in demand for niche, specialty vocational, and skill-based courses such as culinary arts, grooming, fine arts, etc. Visit the website of the private education institutions in Singapore and apply now for getting into one.
These are some of the private universities in Singapore that are popular and quite good in Singapore. Every school has its strengths and weaknesses. Therefore it is advisable to do adequate research about the school before applying. Private schools can be extremely expensive, therefore it will be better to have an idea about the school you are going to spend the next 3-4 years in. 
top universities in Singapore
top private universities in Singapore

There you have it, the best / top private universities in Singapore. Have fun choosing !


SIM GE Singapore

SIM GE Singapore is a leading private education and lifelong learning institution in Singapore. It offers a diverse range of education pathways and professional training and is known for the rigor and quality of programs. Most people would know about SIM, as it is a pretty recognizable university in Singapore. The SIM is a diverse and vibrant organization that caters to different segments of learners. Although the tuition fee can be slightly more expensive as it is a non-government funded top private university in Singapore, it has made itself known as the 4th university in Singapore. Their wide range of academic programs, executive development courses, as well as membership events and networking sessions, offer continuing learning opportunities that nurture the lifelong achiever in students. The courses offered in this institution vary depending on the university you applied in, but it mostly comprises of social and finance courses. At SIM, learning never stops.

Kaplan Singapore

This is one of the best private universities in Singapore as it offers varying courses from many universities. Kaplan in Singapore has students from over 35 countries worldwide. It offers over 500 academic programs for higher learning and professional certification courses for skills development, providing opportunities for individuals to always stay relevant. To date, these opportunities have benefited over 65,000 graduates. It probably offers one of the most diverse ranges of courses compared to other private institutions. This is due to the number of courses the universities affiliated to Kaplan offers.


This school is well known for its diverse business courses. However, MDIS also offers other courses such as tourism and hospitality and even fashion and design. It is perhaps not as well-known as some other private institutes, but it is pretty well known in Singapore.


This is another school that is known for its diverse business courses. From accountancy and finance to business and communication, you are spoil for choices. However, this school is probably a little less recognized as compared to Kaplan. Despite this, it is well known for having good facilities in the school.


This is the go-to school for art students and one of the best private universities in Singapore in general. It is aptly named Nanyang academy of the FINE ARTS. So obviously if you are an artsy kind of person, this school is for you. It mostly offers degrees in arts, but there is a degree in music available as well. It is probably very recognizable to people as it is one of the few schools that cater to art students.



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